Cafe Society

cafe society

Cafe Society cultivates all the beauty of bohemian culture and displays it on a staircase that looks out onto Valletta’s Grand Harbour. The bar uses the stone steps outside its entrance to provide seating and a view of the water, giving it an ambience usually relegated to the cinema. Seemingly full from noon till far after midnight, the space is filled with locals and visitors indulging in excited conversation and fresh cocktails. It seems tailor made for modern bon vivants who prefer beauty and creation to posh spectacle.

cafe society paloma

Whether you’re looking for a delicious play on a classic Mexican cocktail or something new and liquor forward, Cafe Society shakes up drinks that fit all palettes. Those looking for a juicy and tequila based beverage will be happy with the Paloma, while those in the mood for something darker and smoky should turn to the Smokey Cola (Laphroaig & Tullamore Dew whiskies, lemon, honey, falernum, Amaro Averna). The Pea-sco Sour (Pisco, Gin, Snap Peas, Aquafaba), meanwhile, provides and fresh and herbal option that won’t disappoint.

While there is no food on offer, the bar doesn’t mind if you bring something to snack on outside while enjoying the night sky and lively community. It is also only a couple blocks from one of Valletta’s post popular dining streets, meaning those with full bellies can teeter on over without needing to stretch the legs too far.

Cafe Society seems as if it is from another era. Drinking under the stars while looking out on a placid blue bay as strangers voices fill the air is the reason why romantics set out in the dark hours. In reality, it is near impossible to find. That place does exist, however, in Cafe Society. The drinks are fresh, the company jovial, and the views are spectacular.

cafe society exterior

Find It Here:
13, St John’s Street
Valletta, Malta