Waterford Unveils Two Single Farm Origin Whiskeys, Hook Head And Lakefield

Waterford Hook Head

Waterford Distillery has unveiled two new Single Farm Origin Whiskeys, Hook Head Edition 1.1 and Lakefield Edition 1.1. Both offerings from the Irish distiller will be made available worldwide beginning in mid-March.

“The lighthouse at Hook Head, an extreme maritime terroir, stands resolute against the full force of the Atlantic Ocean on Ireland’s southern coast,” says Waterford about Hook Head: Edition 1.1. “Exposed to salt-laden storms, Martin Foley’s barley grows on clay/loam soils of the Elton series. This edition is a spice bomb with notes of cloves, salted caramel, liquorice, ginger biscuits, lemon zest, and chilli chocolate.”

“Lakefield, inland in Lush Co. Laois, is farmed by the enigmatic Seamus Duggan – a Barley Grower of the Year trophy winner<’ explains the dstillery about Lakefield: Edition 1.1. “Derived from limestone and sandstone, these well-drained, deep loam soils produce exceptional barley. This edition is a mellow dram with hints of rhubarb and apple tart fresh from the oven.”

On top of its two worldwide releases, Waterford will also be launching Five Single Farm Origin Whiskeys, which have been allocated to European countries on an exclusive basis: Grattansbrook: Edition 1.1 (UK only), Lacken: Edition 1.1 (France only), Tinnashrule: Edition 1.1 (Germany only), Mortarstown: Edition 1.1 (Belgium only), and Wilkinstown: Edition 1.1 (Netherlands only).

“While our unique terroir approach has been extremely well received, it has been rather frantic meeting the rapid growth – a good problem to have in these troubled times,” said CEO Mark Reynier. “These new releases allow the discerning drinker to further compare, contrast, and enjoy Irish barley, farm by farm.”

Back in October, Waterford announced it would be bringing a range of its single farm Irish Whiskeys to the United States, as well as the first ever organic Irish single malt. “What we’re producing is single malt whisky that happens to be made in Ireland,” said Reynier. “What we are doing is an intellectual proposition. It is for the curious, not the followers.”

All of the Whiskeys “are fully matured in a spectrum of super-premium oak including first-fill and virgin US oak, Vin Doux Naturel – sweet fortified wines – and premium French oak. They’re each bottled at 50% ABV without colouring, chill-filtration or any additives.”