Eastside Distilling Launches New Eastside Brand

Eastside Brand

Eastside Distilling is expanding its premium spirits line with the new “Eastside Brand” and the new Eastside portfolio of spirits products. The Eastside special products will build on the Company’s inspiration to offer the “most unique, highest quality, hand-crafted, small-batch products” to its consumers. All products will be limited-edition and will be available in limited markets. Products from the Portland-based brand will ship in late March and should be on shelves by April 2021.

“The Eastside Distilling brand embodies all the personality and flavor of what it means to be from Portland, Oregon: creative, independent and free-spirited,” said Janet Oak, Chief Branding Officer. “Our full lineup of Eastside premium artisanal products are craft inspired, experiential, very rare and extremely hard to get.”

The Eastside Brand has been developed in conjunction with Neil Powell Design Studios and the portfolio will focus on barrel aged Whiskey sourced from the cellars of Eastside Distilling. Three very distinct products will be available in Lion’s Small Batch Oak Finished Rye Whiskey, 12 year Select Straight Bourbon Whiskey, and a very special Single Malt American Whiskey aged in oak and finished in 70-year-old sherry casks. All of the Whiskey products, Rye, Bourbon and Single Malt, offer the most unique flavor experience for the discerning spirits aficionado.

“The Eastside special process of batch-produced limited-edition products incorporates our unique ability to layer, and build flavors, with our very rare oak and rare sherry cask barrels,” said Jason Ericson, Eastside Head Distiller. In addition to the line of special hand-crafted Whiskey, Ericson has reached deep into the barrel cellars to create other limited-edition, small-batch products as well:

11 Year Barrel Aged Rum: Enjoyed neat or added to cocktails for a decadent depth of flavor, this rare rum reminds the drinker of warm summer breezes, AND white sand beaches.  ABV 45%

Barrel Aged Navy Strength Gin: Barrel-aged and bottled at navy strength, this singular gin forms the perfect foundation for our customer’s next Martini or Negroni and provides a unique opportunity for mixologists to experiment with a rare category of spirit. ABV 57%

American Corn Whiskey: Crafted for the Pacific Northwest, this corn whiskey is found in the speed rail of the neighborhood bar in the bottom floor of an apartment building where the bartender knows all the regulars. ABV 40%

Pot Distilled Brandy: Pot distilled from Pacific Northwest wine and aged for at least two years, this limited-edition brandy lends itself well to sipping, or mixing in your next Sidecar. ABV 40%

“We are excited to build the Eastside Brand and offer exceptional craft inspired, small-batch artisanal products that are truly rare and very hard to get,” said Janet Oak. “This launch further defines Eastside’s vision to develop unapologetically original premium craft inspired spirits. We will be giving first priority to our most loyal customers in our home state of Oregon, and will release to other states on a limited basis including California, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Florida and New York.”