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Vermut de Luna Reserva

Vermut de Luna Reserva

Vermut de Luna Reserva is the result of three generations spent in the wine and food industry. Ancestral beliefs find their way into the fortification process creating a unique Vermouth that comes in a simple and gorgeous bottle, but is also available in a five liter box with a pour spout.

The Vermouth’s maceration process follows the lunar calendar, always beginning during the waning moons and lasting for a cycle and a half–hence the name. It is made from xarel-lo grapes and features 30 select botanicals. From there, it is aged in oak, red wine barrels to give its unique flavor profile. While the recipe remains a closely kept secret, we do know that it’s the distinctive choice of herbs, roots, and flowers that makes Vermut de Luna standout.

Caramel red in color, the bouquet explodes with bright fruit aromas and flowers along with intense balsamic notes. The palate is balanced and persistent, marrying fresh, fruit-forward flavors, with slightly bitter floral notes. The finish is long and inviting, enticing drinkers to sip more.

Luna Reserva is best enjoyed straight or over ice with an orange peel and possibly olives. It’s possible to use it in a variety of cocktails as well, but we think keeping things classic is your best option with this particular bottle. 


Vermut de Luna Reserva is a biodynamic Vermouth from Conca de Barberá, located just northwest of the famed vermouth town of Reus, in the province of Tarragona in Catalonia. It is produced by the third generation of a family dedicated to the food and wine industry and comes in at 15% ABV.

Considered a modern Vermouth, Luna Reserva is the only product made by this producer, which means it receives all of their love and concentration.

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