Urgent Recall Of Australian Shiraz Over Fears Bottles Contain Shards Of Glass

australian wine shiraz recall

A number of Australian news outlets have reported that there has been an urgent recall issued by the Food Standards Authority of Australia for Zilzie Wines’ Meraki Shiraz 2020 vintage (750ml), 

The food authority shared a comment to address the recall:

“The recall is due to the presence of foreign matter (glass) from a packaging fault,” 

“Food products containing glass may cause injury if consumed.”

The wine had been on sale from Liqor Stax outlets across Australia, in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and Western Australia. The relevant date marking lot number is L20259, according to reports.

Consumers have been urged not to drink the wine and instead return the bottle to the place of purchase for a full refund.

For more information on returns, head over to Zilzie Wines’ official website.