Truly Hard Seltzer Debuts Extra, A Higher-ABV RTD

Truly Extra

Truly Hard Seltzer has announced the launch of Truly Extra Hard Seltzer. The new RTD from the Boston Beer brand clocks in at 8% ABV, giving drinkers an extra kick.

Truly is one of the first movers in the category to launch a higher ABV option. After its 2020 test launch received overwhelmingly positive drinker feedback, Truly Extra is now officially available nationwide in two flavors, Black Raspberry and Peach Mango. The hard seltzer has only 1 gram of sugar and just 220 calories in a 16 oz can.

While Truly is growing faster than any other competitor, the brand sees an opportunity to take on the convenience store class of trade in a “big, meaningful way.” With c-store shoppers frequently looking for single serve, higher ABV beverages, Truly Extra gives them all the flavor and refreshment of a traditional hard seltzer at the ABV they want.

“We saw an opportunity for a higher ABV product that had everything drinkers know and love about hard seltzer, without having to compromise on calories and sugar,” says Don Lane, VP of Truly Brand. “With this release, we’re continuing to show drinkers that we’re not only listening, we’re delivering. Truly’s foundation is built on the belief that no one is just one flavor, which is why we’re expanding our portfolio yet again to offer options that suit anyone, any time, any place.”

In January, Truly announced the first-of-its-kind Truly Iced Tea Hard Seltzer, which has already grabbed 5.1% share of the category in its first two months. Last year, the brand was first-to-market with Truly Lemonade Hard Seltzer. With the release of Truly Extra, the brand now has more than 20 different flavors and styles for drinkers to enjoy.

Truly Extra Hard Seltzer is available nationwide in 16oz single-serve cans of Black Raspberry and Peach Mango, with prices varying by market.