Tjoget - Stockholm

Tjoget continues to thrive in the spotlight, remaining a standout in Stockholm’s flourishing cocktail scene with its seasonal drinks and inventive spins on classics.

Located in colorful Hornstull, Tjoget is celebrated as one of the world’s top bars and helped bring attention to Stockholm’s blossoming cocktail scene. Featuring a dining room along with a celebrated wine bodega as well as a beer cafe, the bar offers plenty of options for those looking to mix things up or explore. 

The menu features a mix of signature cocktails, classics, and signature drinks that have become classics at the bar, like the Beets by Tjoget and the Polo Lounge Martini. The bar’s success has led to it opening a number of other locations, such as rum-focused Paradiso.

Please describe Tjoget as if you’re explaining the experience of walking through the doors and ordering your first drink.

You’re walking through the door, welcomed by the tapsters in the Beer café which is the first bar you will pass. But since you’re craving a cocktail you keep on going to the main bar where all the drinks are being made. The whole place is very open and spacious. The bar is located in the middle with the dining room around it. You’re greeted by the bartender who helps you to find a spot in the bar. It’s a vibrant atmosphere, people are both standing and sitting down. You see families, friends, and couples having dinner. The bartender gives you a glass of ice cold water and a cocktail menu. 

The first page in the menu describes Tjoget and the different ”areas” inside the venue. Turn it over and you’ll find two pages of seasonal cocktails. Followed by Tjoget classics and real classics. You decide to start with the signature cocktail Beets By Tjoget, since it is your first time here. Beets by Tjoget is a Vodka based cocktail with spa retreated beetroots, coconut, nutmeg, ginger and lemon. Also referred to as the Nordic Pina Colada.

How would you describe Tjoget in a three-word text to a friend that you’re trying to convince to join you?

Inclusive, International, Atmosphere

Other than Tjoget, what else is happening in the neighborhood that you’re in?

Tjoget is located in Hornstull. Hornstull used to be a very rough area back in the days, but has transformed into a colorful area with a lot of residents, shops and restaurants. It’s close to the water and is also very easily accessible from the other city areas.

Aside from Happy Hour, when is the best time to get to the bar?

My favorite time is around 9pm on a Friday/ Saturday night. You will see that a lot of people are out. Some of the guests are sipping on a pre-dinner drink and some guests are in the middle of the dinner. You can see in real time how Tjoget step by step transforms into a high volume cocktail bar with a great vibe and tunes being set by one of our resident djs.

Describe the average drinkers that you serve?

The average age is between 25-40. Well traveled. They know what they like but still curious to try new stuff.

Please tell us more about your drinks menu.

We change the menu twice a year. A summer menu and a winter menu.

The summer menu brings a more fresh version with lighter flavors and drinks, while the winter menu goes to a more herby and spicy menu with darker spirits that will keep you warm in the Swedish winter.

What’s your signature drink–or your favorite drink currently on the menu–and why should I order it?

Besides the Beets By Tjoget I was telling you about earlier, we have another signature cocktail called the Polo Lounge Martini. A vodka martini that meets brown butter and sage. Very spirit forward but with rounded finish of herbs and nutty flavor of the brown butter and sage.

How much do drinks cost?

All cocktails are 175 SEK

Is there anything to eat?  If so – what’s your favorite dish on the menu?

The kitchen at Tjoget is amazing, and we can seat around 75 people at once in our dining room.

We love the idea of having guests staying here the whole night. Starting with a pre drink in the wine bar, Hornstulls Bodega, to dinner in the dining room and finishing off the night with cocktails in the bar. My favorite dish on the menu is the Vitello Tonnato. A twist on a classic. It’s served with tuna tartar as base, layered with thin slices of veal, tuna mayo, parmesan, fried capers and parsley. It’s delicious!

What are the distinguishing features of Tjoget?

That you can find everything from food, cocktails, special beers and wine at the same place.

What’s that music we hear playing on the Tjoget stereo?

A mix of international disco and house, with our resident DJs setting that extra nice vibe on the weekends.


Mon-Thu: 17:00-01:00
Fri: 16:00-03:00
Sat: 14:00–03:00
Sun: 14:00-01:00


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Hornsbruksgatan 24, 117 34 Stockholm, Sweden