Tippling Club In Singapore Shares New Bar Menu


In late 2019 Singapore’s Tippling Club launched Vol I, a transformative experience, celebrating the culinary legacy of French chef Auguste Escoffier in a series of cocktails. 

Now ‘A Guide to Modern Drinking, Vol II’ shares no less than twenty-six cocktails, each paying tribute to a modern artist or artwork. Chef-owner Ryan Clift and head bartender Andrew Loudon collaborated to create the new bar menu, with each drink telling the story of the piece it pays homage to. 

Divided into seven distinct categories: Champagne Cocktails, Cocktails, Rocks, Highballs, Through the Ages, Mocktails, and a section dedicated to classic cocktails using Lord Ryan’s Prohibition Gin, Tippling Club’s exotic spice-driven collaboration with Prohibition Liquor Co.the new menu has surprises and innovation at almost every turn.

Of the first four classic cocktail styles, drinks include a nod to Joan Miró’s renowned painting Ciphers & Constellations, made with dill, calvados, Sudachi lime, champagne and sherbet (S$22).

Most expensive menu item, Dollar Sign was  inspired by pop artist Andy Warhol. The drink blends Louis XIII, champagne, Okinawan Kokuto sugar and bitters and comes in at a weighty S$125.

Drinks on the Tippling Club menu are made with sustainability in mind. Ingredients are reused and repurposed wherever possible, from repurposed curd from the cocktail’s clarification process, to discarded citrus zests used for a Negroni jelly garnish.

Through the Ages, Tippling Club’s fifth section of new cocktails included in the ‘Guide to Modern Drinking, Vol II’ range uses different methods of ageing to alter one recipe. Using the classic Cognac cocktail Vieux Carré, versions aged through wood, leather, clay pot and sonic waves sit aside a control cocktail made there and then. Through the Ages is priced at S$25 for single portions or S$50 for a flight of five 25ml portions.

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If bubbly is more your thing, Lady M expanded its presence in Singapore in July with the addition of a Champagne bar. The purveyor of luxury cakes already has a number of boutiques around the city, but this is the first to sell sparkling wine. The bar, which is situated on the third floor in Ion Orchard, joins a number of high-end boutiques in the area.