Thomas Lowndes Launches 1826 Bottled Cocktails

Thomas Lowndes 1826

Thomas Lowndes has launched 1826 bottled cocktails. The new RTD offerings from the Edrington-Beam Suntory UK-owned firm come in four varieties:   Old Fashioned, Cognac Espresso Martini, Smoky French Martini, and Mint Julep.

The Thomas Lowndes 1826 are named after the year that the company’s namesake founded his business. Each RTD contains five servings and is made using a Beam Suntory spirit as its base.

“This exciting new range by 1826, associated with premium whiskies, Cognacs and Bourbons gives us the perfect opportunity to showcase how easily bar-quality cocktails can be created in the home,” said Moira Jacques, general manager of Thomas Lowndes. “We want to show customers that you can create premium, top-quality drinks in the comfort of your own home.”

Bottled at 28% ABV, The 1826 Old Fashioned is made using Maker’s Mark Bourbon and is recommended served over ice with an orange peel twist. The 20% ABV Espresso Martini is made using Courvoisier Cognac and requires shaking before being poured into a glass.

The 20% ABV Smoky French Martini puts a twist on the classic cocktails, making it with Laphroaig Whisky instead of vodka. It is recommended shaken and served in a chilled Martini glass, garnished with a raspberry. The Mint Julep, meanwhile, comes in at 28% ABV and is made with Maker’s Mark and should be served over crushed ice.

The Thomas Lowndes 1826 range is available to purchase online from Master of Malt, The Whisky Shop and The Whisky World for £25 ($34 USD) per 500ml bottle.

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