Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye and George Bowman Caribbean Dark Rum Win Chairman’s Trophies And Top Ratings At 2020 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

2020 Ultimate Spirits Challenge winners

Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Straight American Rye Whiskey and George Bowman Caribbean Dark Rum won Chairman’s Trophies and were ranked as the top two spirits at the 2020 Ultimate Spirits Challenge. Both bottlings were awarded 99 point ratings and were acknowledged as the top spirit in their respective categories, American Rye Whiskey and Gold/Dark Rum.

In the tasting notes for Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye, 2020 Ultimate Spirits Challenge judges wrote, “This barrel proof and unfiltered rye whiskey is bold. Aromas lean toward the sweeter side with maple syrup, fresh apples, and oatmeal porridge. Echoing the aromas, the smooth flavors are strong, beginning sweet and evolving into robust grain and spices like cinnamon and mace.” 

In the tasting notes for George Bowman Caribbean Dark Rum, 2020 Ultimate Spirits Challenge judges wrote, “Sumptuous nose of baked pineapple, brown sugar crusted cashew, clementine, and a whiff of smoke. Luscious and full-bodied, this is a smooth and elegant rum characterized by warm toffee, espresso bean, vanilla, and dried green herbs before a slightly spicy finish ensues.”

This is the tenth annual edition of the spirits competition, which features a pool of judges made up of buyers, consultants, journalists, educators and international spirits experts. Over 1000 bottles are rated by the experts over the course of the event. Check out the full list of Chairman’s Trophy winners below:

2020 Ultimate Spirits Challenge Chairman’s Trophy Winners

                Type                            Subtype                            Product Name                            Country                            Price                            Score                            Awards            
Whisk(e)yAmerican/RyeThomas H. Handy Sazerac Straight, 62.85% abvUnited States$99.9999CT | T100
RumGold/Dark RumGeorge Bowman Caribbean, 40% abvUnited States$29.9999CT | GV | T100
VodkaVodkaBoyd & Blair Potato, 40% abv United States$29.9998CT | GV | T&T | T100
Whisk(e)yBourbonStagg, Jr., 64.2% abv United States$49.9998CT | GV | T&T | T100
BrandyCognacJean Fillioux Tres Vieux XO Extra Grande Champagne, 40% abv France$130.0098CT | T100
RumAged Rum (5+ Years)Plantation Isle of Fiji, 40% abv .Fiji$25.0098CT | GV | T100
Whisk(e)yScotch/Single Malt/SpeysideGlenrothes 18 Years Old, 43% abvScotland$160.0098CT | T100
Whisk(e)yIrish/Single Pot StillGreen Spot Chateau Leoville Barton, 46% abv Ireland$70.0098CT | T100
Whisk(e)yScotch/Single Malt/HighlandOban 18 Years Old, 43% abv Scotland$140.0098CT | T&T | T100
Whisk(e)yScotch/Single Malt/IslandHighland Park 21 Years Old, 46% abv Scotland$350.0097CT | T100
GinGinGordon’s Traveller’s Edition London Dry, 47.3% abv, 700 ml United Kingdom£33.0097CT | T&T | T100
Whisk(e)yAmerican/OtherBarrell Dovetail, 62.15% abv United States$89.9997CT | T100
BrandyArmagnacDelord 25 Years Old, 40% abv France$90.0097CT | T100
Whisk(e)yScotch/Single Malt/IslayKilchoman Sanaig, 46% abvScotland$75.0097CT | T100
Whisk(e)yScotch/BlendedDewar’s Double Double Aged 27 Years Old, 46% abv, 375 mlScotland$160.0097CT | T100
Whisk(e)yWorldThe Matsui Mizunara Cask Single Malt, 48% abvJapan$90.0097CT | T100
LiqueurHerbal/Mint/Spice/BotanicalMETAXA Ouzo, 40% abvGreece$21.9997CT | GV | T100
Baijiu/KaoliangBaijiu/KaoliangYushan Mikado Pheasant 8 Years Old, 56% abv, 600ml Taiwann/a96CT | T100
TequilaAnejo, 100% Agave818, 40% abv Mexico$59.9996CT | T100
VermouthSweet VermouthCinzano 1757 Vermouth di Torino G.I. Rosso, 16% abv Italy$29.9996CT | GV | T100
Whisk(e)yAmerican/Single MaltWestland Garryana 2019 Edition 4|1, 50% abv United States$150.0096CT | T100
BrandyPiscoGran Demonio Albilla, 42.5% abv, 500 ml PeruPEN 59.9096CT | T100
TequilaBlanco, 100% AgaveTequila Ocho, 40% abv Mexico$49.9996CT | T100
Whisk(e)yIrish/Single MaltTeeling Single Cask, 55.1% abv Ireland$99.9996CT | T100
Whisk(e)yScotch/Blended MaltWemyss Malts Peat Chimney, 46% abv Scotland$49.9996CT | T100
Whisk(e)yBottled-in-BondHenry McKenna Single Barrel 10 Years Old Bottled-in-Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon, 50% abv United States$34.9996CT | GV | T&T | T100
Whisk(e)yCanadianHeaven’s Door Bootleg Series 2019 Edition 26 Years Old Blended, 55.75% abv Canada$499.9996CT | T100
BrandyEuropean BrandyAsbach Selection 21 Years Old, 40% abv Germany$159.9996CT | T100
MezcalMezcalMezcal Vago Elote, 49.7% abv Mexico$49.9996CT | T100
RumFlavored/Spiced RumPlantation Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple, 40% abv Barbados & Jamaica$30.0096CT | GV | T100
BrandyCalvadosChristian Drouin Pays d’Auge 2000, 42% abv France$150.0095CT | T100
Non-Alcohol Mixer/Tonic/SodaNon-Alcohol MixersFever-Tree Sparkling Pink Grapefruit Soda, 200 ml/4 pack United Kingdom$5.9995CT | GV
TequilaExtra Anejo, 100% AgaveAvion Reserva 44, 40% abv Mexico$90.0095CT | T100
TequilaReposado, 100% AgaveStorywood Speyside 7 CS, 53% abv, 700 ml Mexico£33.0095CT | T100
Whisk(e)yIrish/BlendedJameson Bow Street Cask Strength 18 Years Old, 55.3% abv Ireland£170.0095CT | T100
LiqueurBerry and FruitMatsui Umeshu with Japanese Brandy, 14% abvJapanJPY1360.0095CT | T100
LiqueurCitrus/Triple SecBauchant, 40% abv France$24.9995CT | GV | T100
Ready-to-Drink Cocktail/Hard SeltzerReady-to-Drink CocktailCutwater Spirits Fugu Vodka Spicy Bloody Mary, 10% abv, 4 pack/12 oz. each United States$12.9995CT | GV | T100
Shochu/SojuShochu/Sojuiichiko Frasco, 30% abv Japan$50.0095CT | T&T | T100
Aperitif/AmaroAperitifVincenzi Capasso, 22% abv, 1 L Italy$24.9995CT | GV | T100
BrandyAmerican BrandyGermain-Robin XO Alambic, 40% abv United States$124.9995CT | T100
LiqueurCream/DairyCarolans Salted Caramel, 17% abv Ireland$14.9995CT | GV | T100
RumWhite/Silver RumBLY, 40% abv United States$19.9995CT | GV | T&T | T100
Aperitif/AmaroAmaroLucano, 28% abv .Italy$30.0094CT | T100
GinFlavoredRussell Henry Malaysian Lime, 45% abv United States$38.0094CT | T100