The Love Song Bar

The Love Song Bar

Located near the center of Downtown Los Angeles’ Historic Core, The Love Song Bar serves up classic cocktails and warm tunes from inside the Regent Theater. Live music fills the joint multiple nights per week and the atmosphere is cozy and carefree. Even on nights without a show, it’s still worth bellying up to the bar for a craft drink and to listen to the record player.

The Love Song Bar has an extensive record collection and tends to play towards a bluesy and classic rock crowd. The cast of characters inside are all ages and the space feels as if it has been around for generations. Dark reclaimed wood covers the surfaces and on nights without a band there is even a little lounge area with a sofa.

The Love Song Bar Japanese Highball

When live music fills the space, the confines get tight and energetic in the best way possible. Often, Los Angeles’ music scene can seem bereft of soul and more about looking cool, but this isn’t the case at The Love Song Bar. The people inside are there to enjoy whatever is on display and the bands tend to lean classic and soulful.

The classic cocktails play the perfect accompaniment to the music, be it live or from the record player. Simplicity reigns supreme across the menu, and we recommend sticking with a classic and ordering the Japanese Highball. It’s a straightforward two-ingredient drink that relies on the quality of the ingredients as well as careful balance and measurement, all things The Love Song Bar excels at.

Open from 7pm to 2am Monday through Saturday and 7pm to 1am on Sundays, The Love Song Bar is the perfect stop for music and drink lovers who happen to be in downtown. Those going to a show at the Regent should certainly swing by early to grab a couple quality drinks.

Find It Here:
450 S Main St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90013