The Long Drink Brings Back Pantsdrunk Campaign And Names James Beard Foundation Charitable Partner

Long Drink Pantsdrunk

The Long Drink has announced that due to the popularity of last year’s campaign, Kalsarikännit ‘Pantsdrunk’ will return for a second year.

Pantsdrunk, or Kalsarikännit as it is known in Finland, is a long-time Finnish tradition which is essentially the art of relaxing at home in your underwear, enjoying a long drink, with no intention of going out. The Pantsdrunk movement was adopted by thousands of Long Drink fans last year, all taking part in the light-hearted nature of the Finnish tradition, which is most certainly guaranteed to lift spirits.

Furthermore, The Long Drink has named the iconic James Beard Foundation’s ‘Open for Good’ as the charity component for the campaign. All funds raised by The Long Drink from January 26 through February 28, 2021 will be donated to the James Beard Foundation, up to $250,000.00.

To participate, fans (+21) should follow three simple steps:

1) Take a ‘pantsdrunk’ photo drinking The Long Drink, check out examples on the pantsdrunk official web page

2) Be sure to tag @LongDrink on Instagram or Facebook, using hashtag #pantsdrunk

3) Post on Instagram or Facebook

Should the above parameters be met, The Long Drink will donate $50.00 for every ‘grid’ or ‘static’ social media post, meaning, a post that will live on the participants ‘feed,’ and $20.00 for every ‘story’ post. The Long Drink team will monitor all social media engagement over the duration of the campaign to keep track of the tally.

“During these uncertain times, independent restaurants are one of the first ones to feel the economic impact, and this is why we at the Long Drink have decided to use our Finnish cultural phenomenon to help restaurants in need. We couldn’t be more excited to kick things off and look forward to the groundswell of support across the country,’ says Mikael Taipale, co-founder, The Long Drink.

“It’s great to bring Pantsdrunk back for another year, all of us at The Long Drink are constantly thinking about how we can raise money for those in need throughout the industry. Our alignment with The James Beard Foundation ensures that independent restaurants will benefit from our marketing efforts and if we can have a little fun doing it along the way that’s just a bonus,” adds Miles Teller, actor and co-owner, of The Long Drink.

“It’s been an incredibly challenging year for the independent food and beverage industry which employs over 11 million people nationwide.” said Kris Moon, Chief Operating Officer of the James Beard Foundation “After the pandemic hit, the Foundation quickly directed all of our resource to helping the industry to survive this crisis. We are only able to continue that work thanks to the generous contributions of partners such as The Long Drink. We are incredibly grateful for their support as we work to keep help the industry remain Open for Good.”