The Apiarist Launches Honey-Infused Whisky

The Apiarist Whisky

The Apiarist has expanded its signature collection of honey-infused spirits with the introduction of an exclusive blended aged whisky.

The Apiarist Whisky joins three unique gins, a 100% British rum, and a limited-edition malt spirit dubbed ‘The Drunken Bee’ which was created especially for the festive season in 2021.

Reminiscent of the rest of the range, the whisky is soft on the palate and boasts a smooth, balanced finish having been naturally infused with quality honey that has been harvested from the home apiary of The Apiarist founders, Alex and Natalie Conti.

“The Apiarist spirits label is just one element of a wider environmental project that was created as part of a sustained effort to promote biodiversity within our community, co-founder of The Apiarist, Alex Conti. “In addition to a growing range of natural honey-infused products, the project also includes an ‘Adopt a Hive’ initiative and a unique pollinator-friendly planting scheme. 

“Due to the ongoing success of The Apiarist range over the last 16 months, we wanted to introduce a brand-new product with yet another inspiring story behind its creation and distillation process. Our honeybees gathered the nectar of over 100,000 flowers to make the honey needed for one bottle – that’s more than 4,500 miles in flight! We enjoy knowing that once more, our bees have made something to be proud of and we can’t wait to see how The Apiarist Whisky is received by both new and existing customers alike.”

The growing collection currently consists of The Apiarist Gin’s ‘blush pink’ expression labelled the ‘Forager Edition’, The Apiarist Rum, a unique ‘Lichfield’ (London) Dry Gin dubbed ‘Propolis’ and most recently ‘The Drunken Bee’ which was the result of a one-off project during last year’s holiday season. Made using a complex rapid ageing process, the malt spirit makes the perfect base for a Hot Toddy or an adult hot chocolate.

Bottled at 40% ABV, The Apiarist Whisky and all other Apiarist spirits (except The Drunken Bee) are available in a 70cl bottle  for £39 from the brand’s online store.