Patrón Celebrates Mexican Culture With New York Residencia

Patrón Residencia

Patrón Tequila is bringing modern, Mexican luxury to New York City with Residencia Patrón, a destination celebrating Mexican culture and bold innovation. The experience brings together a representation of the Patrón time-honored, handcrafted tequila process alongside Mexican artisans, inventors, and creators who push the boundaries of what contemporary Mexican luxury embodies.

Housed on Chelsea’s iconic Gallery Row in Manhattan at Studio 525 on Friday, March 25 and Saturday March 26, 2022, this limited time bookable experience is a destination where guests can enjoy Mexican food, drink, fashion, and culture. Residencia Patrón celebrates the bold energy of Mexico as a global creative hub. It features immersive architectural installations that pay homage to the Patrón time-honored tequila-making tradition, inclusive of its use of a tahona stone – a two-ton volcanic rock that crushes its 100% Weber Blue Agave to create the brand’s tequila. The exhibit brings to life the tequila’s production process and the natural elements that when combined create the iconic taste of Patrón.

Patrón Residencia

Inspired by Mexico’s surge of creatives and master makers, Residencia Patrón is brought to life in collaboration with Fabiola Zamora and Danaé Salazar, the lco-founders of Mexico’s Revista 192. The duo curated a residency of bold Mexican creators and artists who represent the modern heritage and unshakeable integrity of Mexico. 

“Residencia Patrón is a celebration of the pioneering spirit and passion these trailblazers put into perfecting their craft the way Patrón pioneered the super-premium tequila category—sharing a common, tireless dedication to achieving perfection in everything they create,” notes Salazar. 

“Together with Patrón, we’ve curated an experience that explores authentic Mexican luxury through the creative minds who are looking to past traditions, ingredients and materials to build contemporary approaches to art, fashion, music, and cuisine, similar to how Patrón approaches its time-honored, hand-crafted tahona-based tequila making process,” says Zamora.  

“Just like our Patrón familia, these bold innovators maintain a tireless dedication to achieving perfection in everything they create,” adds Chloe Lloyd-Jones, Vice President of Marketing. “Patrón is thrilled to bring together such an inspiring group of creative vanguards who relentlessly push the boundaries of what you think you know of Mexican creativity and luxury. We are honored to create a residency where consumers in the U.S. can experience the talent and vibrancy of these collaborators while also discovering the passion and mastery that goes into making Patrón tequila.” 

Throughout the experience, guests will be transported to an atelier of Mexican craft and creativity that features:  

  • Chef Jair Téllez, a pioneer in Mexican cuisine with his beloved restaurant, MeroToro, and a trailblazer influencing Mexico City’s rise as a culinary destination.
  • Eliana “Eli” Martinez, one of Mexico City’s rising bar talents who has innovated behind legendary bars like Pujol and is Director of Bars for Carolo Group 
  • Cynthia Buttenklepper, Fashion Designer and benchmark of contemporary design in CDMX whose brand is made in Mexico by Mexican hands, minds, and hearts.
  • Perla Valtierra, Ceramics Designer whose brand produces high-end, handcrafted ceramics in Mexico.
  • Xinú, a Mexico City-based Perfumery that taps into a deep well of sensorial heritage in devising its assemblage of fragrances.
  • Aurelia, a fashion and accessories line created by three Mexican sisters who design one-of-a-kind customizable wooden bags, leather straps, belts, and other timeless accessories. 
  • Caralarga, a textile design and production workshop inspired by nature’s raw materials.
  • Damián Romero, (AKA Dramian) and Rodrigo Madrazo (AKA Mandrake), DJs who are responsible for introducing Avant-Garde music and digital arts to Mexico over the past 10 years.
  • Diego Vega Solorza, Choreographer and Dancer who is the creative power behind Trazo Ciclo de Danza and is renowned for the multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary connections he makes with other art forms
  • Silvana Estrada, internationally recognized singer-songwriter whose work embraces the legacy of Mexican music.

“Mexico is a country of master creators, craftspeople, artists, and innovators,” said designer Cynthia Buttenklepper.  “No matter the specialty, our creations are birthed from a deep history, one that is rooted in culture, passion and traditions passed down through generations.  It is an honor to be among such progressive pioneers who bring this Mexican creativity, passion and culture to the U.S in partnership with Patrón.”  

To enjoy the Residencia Patrón experience, guests must book in advance at Tock.com.  All guests must show proof of vaccination and be 21+ to attend.