Alameda Supper Club

  • The Giuseppe

    The Giuseppe

    The Giuseppe is a straightforward, alcohol-driven delight. Round, wet, and with a strong white grape quality, the mix of grappa, italicus rosolio, verjus, and prosecco sips like a bold Italian white wine. There is fire…

  • Alameda Supper Club

    Alameda Supper Club

    Sitting on the opposite side of the building from its sister all-day restaurant Tartine Bianco, dinner-only Alameda Supper Club serves up an array of elegant pastas, salads, and fresh oysters — not to mention a…

  • Celine Dijon

    Celine Dijon

    A fizzy conversation starter. Round and sweet with a strong honey touch and hint of mustard anchored in pineapple sugar. Pepped up with a hint of seltzer, tequila rounding out the flavor with the herbal…