Steven Grasse And Adam Erace Co-Author Essential Cocktail Literature, The Cocktail Workshop

The Cocktail Workshop

From the team behind Art in the Age, Philadelphia’s premier tasting room, bottle shop, and expansive home bar supply, comes The Cocktail Workshop: An Essential Guide to Classic Drinks and How to Make Them Your Own, an immersive dive into 20 classic libations — and delicious, sophisticated variations that will elevate any at-home happy hour or company holiday gathering.

The pandemic saw a record rise in increased at-home bartending – and with The Cocktail Workshop, featuring cocktail recipes from Lee Noble, Lead Mixologist at Art in the Age, amateur bartenders and seasoned industry pros alike can ramp up their skills with in-depth instruction spanning not only cocktail-making fundamentals, but also high-level extras such as creating at-home orgeat syrup (hinted at playing a role in the assassination of Napoleon), kombucha, aquafaba, and more.

“We feel that The Cocktail Workshop is a necessary guide for anyone who has ever built cocktails at home,” said Grasse. “We’ve worked together with Lee to showcase the proper methodology for crafting truly impressive cocktails without expert training. Personally I’m very proud to finally launch the book, because I think it fits into a broader conversation about the average imbiber taking cocktail edification into their own hands.”

In this vibrantly-illustrated read, Tamworth Distilling founder Steven Grasse and esteemed travel, food and spirits author Adam Erace collaborate with the team of experts from Art in the Age to lead aspiring mixologists through the fundamentals of 20 essential cocktails and the tools used to build each one. Readers will learn to craft elevated, classic beverages, as well as create unique, flavor-forward contemporary takes with The Cocktail Workshop acting an indispensable guide; from Martinis and Negronis to fat-washed whiskies, fresh-fruit shrubs, and postmodern slushies. In addition to each foundational cocktail, The Cocktail Workshop also provides three creative and customizable riffs on various flavors, techniques, and ingredients that readers can adjust to meet personal tastes – providing a bevy of new riffs to taste-test and show off at home or with guests. Each classic drink is concluded with workshopping tips that edify at-home bar efforts with master-level bar skills including aging, infusing, garnishing, and more.

Drawing on the building blocks of iconic cocktails including the daiquiri and the Old Fashioned, readers’ base-level cocktail knowledge will improve markedly as they practice crafting each drink. The Cocktail Workshop expounds on hands-on skills such as the proper way to dry-shake an egg white cocktail or carve a manicured lime twist, while providing an understanding of the fundamentals of cocktailing: how drinks are created, related, and integrated.

The Cocktail Workshop: An Essential Guide to Classic Drinks and How to Make Them Your Own will release nationally on November 2, and will be available everywhere books are sold, including in-store and online at Art in the Age. Books are priced at $27.50 US ($34.99 CAN).

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