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St Petroni Red Vermu

St Petroni Red Vermu

One of the most striking and complex Vermouths around, St Petroni Red Vermu hails from Galicia, a region quickly becoming known for its culinary and viticultural prowess. Produced by Vermouth Galicia, it’s an elegant drink that speaks well of its terroir and part of the growing modern vermouth movement.

St Petroni Red Vermu is made with Albarino grapes and 29 different botanicals, including hibiscus, which is where it gets its red color. First, the vermouth is fermented on its lees for differentiating shades in aroma and flavor. Then the botanicals are macerated and the drink is filtered for bottling. In the end, it comes out at 15% ABV, a pretty normal percentage for Spanish Vermouth.

Characterized as a modern Vermouth, it possesses a dark red hue with copper highlights. It’s bouquet is fragrant with notes of bay leaves and sage as well as red fruit and balsamic. The palate is delicate thanks to the Albarino and the valley of Padron microclimate from which it hails and perfectly balances the sweet with the bitter and acidic. The finish is long and complex, urging imbibers to take another sip..

St. Petroni Red Vermu should be sipped neat or on the rocks with an orange peel and some olives. It’s the perfect partner for appetizers such as nuts, olives, or jam.


The Vermouth Galicia produced product hails from the Valley of Padron in the Province of A Coruña, in Galicia, Spain. It’s an area known for its Alabarino and small green peppers.

Outside of the Vermello (or Red) variety, the brand also makes a White Vermu (Blanco) as well as a Bitter, a beverage made from Albariño, gentian, and twenty-seven herbs, peel and local citrus that is hand macerated.

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