Spindrift Spiked Joins Hard Seltzer World

Spindrift Spiked

Spindrift is joining the wild Hard Seltzer world with the launch of Spindrift Spiked. The lightly carbonated hard sparkling water is made with real ingredients, no synthetic natural flavors, sweeteners or additives.

“When we entered the flavored sparkling water category, there were hundreds of brands, all made with ‘natural flavors’, clear liquids, and no real ingredients – leading to very few real options for consumers. In the hard seltzer category, we saw many of the same characteristics,” explained Bill Creelman, founder and CEO of Spindrift. “Spindrift Spiked breaks the hard seltzer mold: we feature simple ingredients, prominently on the front panel. The liquid has color like the fruit, huge dimension of flavor, plus no added synthetics or fillers.”

“Our consumer told us they are no longer willing to put aside their ingredients standards for alcoholic beverages,” Creelman continued. “With Spindrift Spiked, they have an option to extend sparkling water and real fruit into alcohol without making compromises.” 

Spindrift Spiked contains sparkling water, alcohol from cane sugar, and real squeezed fruit. It is made with a clean-tasting alcoholic base with only 82 to 95 calories per can, and comes in at 4% ABV. The new hard sparkling water line uses a 10-day fermentation process to maximize ABV without additives, as well as an ultra-filtration process which purifies at the molecular level. The new line will be available in 12 fl oz cans and launch with four flavors: Mango, Lime, Pineapple, and Half & Half.

With consumers becoming more attuned to emerging health trends and seeking out better-for-you hard seltzer options, Spindrift remains true to its real squeezed fruit promise with the launch of its first hard sparkling water debut.

“Listening to our Drifter community of fans has always been a top priority for us – and that’s exactly where the inspiration for Spindrift Spiked originated,” said Creelman. “We heard from our fans: hard seltzer isn’t for me unless Spindrift had an option. Spindrift Spiked flips hard seltzer on its head through its delicious taste from real squeezed fruit. We can’t wait to get these cans into hands just in time for celebrating the best summer has to offer.”

Spindrift Spiked will first be available beginning in mid-April in select markets, including Boston, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Spindrift Spiked will also be donating 1% of its sales as part of Spindrift’s commitment to 1% For The Planet. 

For more information, check out the official website.