Sonoma-Cutrer Celebrates 40-Year Legacy With Special Winemaker’s Release, The 40th Anniversary Chardonnay

Sonoma-Cutrer 40th winery

For 40 years, Sonoma-Cutrer has been making history in the heart of Sonoma’s Russian River Valley and is celebrating with this year’s Winemaker’s Release, the 40th Anniversary Chardonnay. For four decades, the California winery has brought together passionate, imaginative talent whose winemaking honors Burgundian traditions while highlighting California ingenuity.

“I could not be more proud and humbled to be part of Sonoma-Cutrer,” said Mick Schroeter, Sonoma-Cutrer Head Winemaking Director. “I am honored to carry the brand’s storied legacy and inspired by the great winemakers before me to maintain the consistency of style through its 40 years.”

Winery highlights showcasing its Burgundian tradition and California innovation, past and present, include:

●      One singular focus: One of the first wineries in the US to embrace single variety – Sonoma-Cutrer was founded to be singularly focused on producing consistently high-quality Chardonnay — and only Chardonnay.

●      After perfecting Chardonnay, time for Pinot Noir: Years later and in keeping with Burgundian winemaking traditions, Sonoma-Cutrer released its first Pinot Noir in 2002.

●      Six unique vineyards: The Cutrer, Les Pierres, Vine Hill, Owsley Ranch, Shiloh and Kent. Each offers a unique terroir of rock, ash, nutrients, and moisture levels.

●      Grand Cru Barrels: Since the early 1990s, Sonoma-Cutrer has partnered with the Gauthier family to purchase and mill wood in France, as well as coopering partners, Remond and Rousseau.

●      Women at the Helm: Today, at Sonoma-Cutrer, women not only produce first-class Wines, they also manage many aspects of the vineyards and the winery.

●      Sustainability Matters: A leader in the region’s sustainability efforts, the “Certified Sustainable” stamp on each label reflects the winery’s long-term commitment to adopting environmentally-friendly measures.

●      Consistency Above All Else: During Sonoma-Cutrer’s 40-year history, there have only been three Directors of Winemaking: Bill Bonetti (1981-1990), Terry Adams (1991-2010) and Mick Schroeter (2010-present).

This year’s Sonoma-Cutrer Winemaker’s Release, the 40th Anniversary Chardonnay, represents a historic collaboration between winemakers past (Bonetti and Adams) and present (Schroeter and Morrison). The blend pays tribute to the winery’s mastery of the single grape varietal and arrives in market May 2021.

“Bill, Terry, Mick and I knew how unusual it was to collaborate with a small group of winemakers whose singular focus was or still is making the best Chardonnay,” said Chardonnay Winemaker Cara Morrison. “It was an unforgettable experience that cannot be replicated, which makes it an honor to dedicate this blend to Bill Bonetti for his Chardonnay vision that we will carry on. We look forward to sharing this incredible wine come spring.”