Shibui Japanese Whisky Launches In The United States

Shibui Japanese Whisky

Shibui Japanese Whisky has launched in the United States, just in time for the holidays. The Japanese brand’s first range of offerings includes a collection of nine expressions with age statements up to 30 years old, sourced from four different Japanese distilleries across the provinces of Niigata and Okinawa.

Shibui Japanese Whisky is the only single brand range of Whiskies crafted from multiple award-winning Japanese Whisky distilleries. The team has worked to make innovation and transparency a foundation of their mission to bring the best aged Whisky statements to craft Whisky lovers and connoisseurs alike. With a motto of “We Don’t Distill, We Discover,” the Shibui team finds the best barrels of mature Japanese Whisky and shares them for the rest of the world to enjoy.

With over 1,400 world whiskies in their sample room, including hundreds of cask samples from the nosing team’s visits to Japan, their team has the experience and passion to ask the single most important question when they sample – is it Shibui-worthy? With plans to release two to three expressions per year, they are continuously sampling Whiskies, choosing only a few to carry the Shibui name.

The Shibui range of whiskies include the following expressions:


  • Shibui Grain Select (SRP: $49.99)
  • Shibui Pure Malt (SRP: $66.99)
  • Shibui Pure Malt 10YO ((SRP:$139.99)


  • Shibui Single Grain 8YO (SRP: $145.99)
  • Shibui Single Grain 10YO Bourbon Barrel (SRP: $169.99)
  • Shibui Single Grain 10YO White Oak (SRP: $169.99)
  • Shibui Single Grain 15YO (SRP: $215.99)
  • Shibui Single Grain 18YO (SRP: $299)
  • Shibui Single Grain 30YO (SRP: $1,069)

The Shibui Single Grain 10YO Bourbon Barrel appeared on our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide. Bringing innovation to the Single Grain category, this rice Whisky delivers an age statement option that has caught the attention of craft whisky lovers and connoisseurs alike. The Shibui 10 Year Old Whisky Single Grain is aged in ex-Bourbon barrels for a minimum of 10 years.The result is a whisky that has more of that Japanese tropical fruit profile with wooded bourbon cask flavors.