Scapegrace Vodka Hits Shelves, “Tastes Like Pavlova”

Scapegrace Vodka

Scapegrace Vodka is now available. Known around the world for their black Gin, the New Zealand-based distillery, has launched their new spirit in order to give the island nation a foothold in the Vodka market. Making matters even better, it “Tastes like Pavlova.”

Scapegrace was founded by brothers-in-law Daniel McLaughlin and Mark Neal back in 2012, and is now the fifth-highest selling gin in New Zealand. Before the coronavirus crisis, the pair decided it was time to launch another white spirit, and in response to the pandemic they decided to fast-track their expansion.

Unlike other Vodka brands who distill their product three, four, or even five times, Scapegrace Vodka is distilled once. “Most vodkas talk about how many times they distil their product to ensure it’s pure. This is a common technique to strip out the impurities of their water and ingredients, so it’s no surprise they talk up their triple, quadruple, or even higher number of distillings,” explained McLaughlin to Stuff. Neal elucidated that because Vodka is 60 percent water, the character and minerals of the Scapegrace aquifer water source would be taken away by extra distillation processes. “We keep the character of the water so it’s thick and creamy and also sweet – when it’s creamy and sweet together, you hit on pavlova.”

Vodka is the second-largest spirit category in New Zealand but 99 percent comes via foreign brands. “Every year, more than $30 million of vodka is consumed in New Zealand, with only about $350,000 of that spent on local producers,” McLaughlin said.

Scapegrace is now sold in almost 40 countries around the world. Over the past year, revenue grew 73 per cent.

Back in October, the distillery launched Scapegrace Black, a naturally black Gin. They created the distillate by using natural extracts including aronia berry, saffron, and butterfly pea, and sweet potato. Velvety and full bodied, the Gin possesses a luxurious mouthfeel. To make things even more fun, Scapegrace Black moves from black to shades of red and purple when it’s mixed with tonic.

Scapegrace Vodka costs $73.99 NZD (about $48 USD) and can be purchased here.