Onda Launches Endless Summer-Inspired Sparkling Tequila Canned Cocktail

Onda Pool

Onda is the newest canned cocktail on the block and it’s inspired by the spirit of endless summer and 90s surf style. This week, the brand launched with a line of premium canned sparkling Tequila beverages. 

Onda’s beverages are made with blanco Tequila from a woman-owned distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. The tequila is mixed with sparkling water and real fruit juice. Each 12 oz. can is 5% alcohol and has 100 calories, zero sugar, zero carbs, and is naturally gluten free.

Onda is co-founded by Noah Gray (Chief Executive Officer), Max Dworin (Chief Operating Officer), Kelli Adams (Chief Creative Officer) and Shay Mitchell (Chief Brand Officer). Obsessed with tequila soda, the team shared a vision to elevate the ready-to-drink alcohol space with a new take on their favorite drink.

“Over the past year, as our friends drank hard seltzer with mystery alcohol and cheap ingredients, we were thirsty for something better,” said Gray. “We designed Onda to raise the bar by focusing on high-integrity ingredients we actually want to drink.”

“Tequila soda is hands-down my favorite drink, and I’m really excited about the opportunity to create a beverage brand that is rooted in quality and shared experiences,” said Mitchell.

Onda is launching in partnership with 25madison, a NYC-based venture studio, which incubates companies from the ground up and invests in early-stage companies. Onda has raised over $1 million in venture capital funding from 25madison and other strategic investors.

“Onda is uniquely positioned to tap into the biggest trends in the alcohol industry: hard seltzer, canned cocktails, tequila and e-commerce,” said Kirk Posmantur, Co-founder of 25madison and early investor in Tequila Avión. “We partnered with Noah, Max, Kelli and Shay because they bring the requisite skills and vision to transform how a new generation enjoys, experiences and shops spirits brands.”

The company also announced the launch of Onda Beach Club, a social community and virtual vacation space for the social distancing era. Members gain special access to the Onda brand, including promotions, new products, exclusive merchandise drops and future creative projects and collaborations. Members can sign up at drinkonda.com.

Onda is available for purchase nationally at the company’s official website and in select retail locations throughout the greater New York City area.