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Prunier XO Carafe

Prunier XO Carafe Cognac

Some Cognacs take you on majestic journeys, others are filled with centuries old elegance, Prunier XO Carafe tastes of home. Simply, it warms your heart. It’s soft and embracing like a mother’s arms. It’s calming, subtle, and filled with intimate knowledge–not the kind taken in on a journey to the unknown, but one of reexperiencing the familiar and remembering a warmth that is ingrained in your core. In a lineup, Prunier XO is unmistakable.

The Carafe is the younger of Prunier’s two XO offerings. It’s been aged for 15 years in French oak at Maison Prunier’s cellars by the River Charente. It represents the continuity of the family style and evokes the type of Cognacs the Company used to sell 100 years ago.

A glowing amber in color, Prunier XO Carafe is rich and well-balanced on the nose with aromas of tobacco, leather, nuts, orange peel, and oak. Soft and supple, the palate offers toffee, chocolate, and cinnamon with notes of ripe grapes and stewed fruits. Mouthwatering rancio notes will have you coming back for sip after sip.

It comes in a classic, curved carafe with a large golden stopper that exudes quality without being gaudy. The box features a drawing of La Vieille Maison (‘The Old House’), which has long been a symbol of House of Prunier

Prunier XO Carafe Cognac should be savored and sipped neat, warmed by your hand. Those looking to change things up on a warm day, might want to try adding an ice cube. However you decide to enjoy it, this Cognac is made to be appreciated deep into the night either alone or in the company of good friends and family.

Prunier XO Carafe is a really high quality Cognac that delivers everything you could want and more without forcing its hand or pushing too hard. The icing on the cake for this delicious dram is that its price tag is incredibly reasonable for its quality.