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Viceroy Bali Unveils New Destination Cocktail Bar, Pinstripe

Pinstripe Viceroy Bali

Pinstripe, the new destination cocktail bar at Viceroy Bali in Ubud, celebrates the confluence of Prohibition, the Harlem Renaissance, and Indonesia.

The Viceroy Bali, located near central Ubud–Indonesia’s center for traditional crafts and dance–has unveiled a new destination cocktail bar, Pinstripe. An evolution of the previous tenant, the bar gets its name from the fashion style popularized during Prohibition.

Set in a speakeasy-reminiscent setting, the opulent bar is decked out in marble, dark woods, and bronze features. It offers sophistication at its finest, looking to transports guests back to a time of frivolity and grandeur, and offering visitors the opportunity to “drink distinctly atop the Valley of the Kings,” says a press release.

Helmed by Balinese native and Head Mixologist Panji Wisrawan, the Pinstripe signature menu is inspired by the fashion, cultural moments and figures of the 1920s and 1930s. The drinks, however, offer a local touch, as they’re infused with locally sourced tropical flavors.

The cocktail menu is called “Clairvoyant,” inspired by the life of Miguel “El Chamaco” Covarrubias. His artistic talent and cultural insight played a significant role in documenting and promoting the Harlem Renaissance, ensuring its lasting impact on the cultural landscape of the United States and beyond. A decade later, his book, Island of Bali, contributed to the 1930s Bali craze in New York. His contribution to both worlds inspired Pinstripe Bar’s first edition cocktail anthology that will transport guests through the 1920s and 30s. 

THe Pinstripe Cocktail menu will have 4 different cocktail sets: ‘Harlem Renaissance,’ ‘Bali Sojourn,’ ‘Pinstripe Signature,’ and ‘The Sober Guide.’ ‘Harlem Renaissance’ focuses on drinks inspired by Covarrubias’ time in New York, and include some famous people whose caricatures were made by himself, such as Al Capone (The Scarface), Charlie Chaplin (The Tramp), and Mary Pickford (The Sweetheart), or the movement itself, The Harlem (The Harlem Renaissance), or by himself (The Clairvoyant). ‘Bali Sojourn’ uses local ingredients and bright flavor combinations reminiscent of the destination, mostly inspired by his Sojourn in Bali during in the 1930s. Each drink is inspired an amazing persona such as Walter Spies (The Primitivist), Collin Mcphee (The Composer), The Bumblebee (I Ketut Marya), The Prince (Cok Agung Soekawati) and by his wife, Rosa Rolanda (The Dancer). ‘Pinstripe Signature’ showcases twists on classics using local ingredients, while ‘The Sober Guide’ offers non-alcoholic options.

“In transforming the bar and cocktail menu for Pinstripe Bar, I was inspired by the lively and artistic 1930’s in Ubud, Bali’s history, of which Miguel Covarrubias played an influential role, just like he had in Harlem the decade prior. This story is something I want to share to our dear patrons at Pinstripe Bar, weaving local history and stories from afar, into an inspired and intricate menu of exotic cocktails.” said Wisrawan. “The lounge offers a cocktail experience that is unique to Ubud and we’ve crafted a menu to meet the elevated and transportive style of the space.”

The bar program also showcases the resort’s focus on sustainability, with ingredients for cocktails repurposed from the kitchen as part of the property’s zero-waste offerings. Guests can also book a cocktail masterclass with Wisrawan, which includes a tour of the property’s garden, tips & tricks from the trade, and high-caliber cocktails and canapés.

In addition to cocktails, Pinstripe also offers a menu of apéritifs that offer a hint of Indonesian influence, drawing on flavors of the old Spice Islands. The lounge is also home to a cigar humidor featuring a curated selection of Asia’s finest cigars.

For more information, head over to the hotel’s official website.