Pensador Launches Cocktails-Focused Espadin Mezcal

Pensador Espadin mezcal

Mezcal brand Pensador has unveiled an Espadin as its second expression. The new bottling was created specifically for mixing, but can also be enjoyed sipped.

Produced by father-and-son mezcaleros Atenógenes and Jose García for Pensador, the new expression uses 100% espadín agave grown exclusively in Miahuatlán in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is made according to mezcal artesanal specifications, and is double distilled in a 300-litre copper pot still.

Bottled at 48% ABV, The new mezcal offers an earthy flavor profile, alongside notes of rosemary, thyme and juniper. The finish is floral with camomile and honeysuckle. 

To highlight the mezcal’s cocktail-oriented nature, Pensador teamed up with bartender Rich Hunt, previously of Mint Gun Club in London, to design riffs on three classic serves: the Margarita, Negroni, and Paloma.

Priced at £33, Pensador Espadin can be purchased via the brand’s official website. Ten percent od the proceeds from each bottle sold will be donated to the community of Miahuatlán through Sacred, a non-profit supporting the rural Mexican communities that produce agave spirits.

Ben Schroder founded Pensador in 2018 with the goal to highlight the terroir of different regions in Mexico. The brand’s first expression, dubbed Ensamble (and currently on its fifth batch), is made with Espadín and Madrecuishe agave.

In other mezcal news, Mezcal Amaras has announced that it will showcase the work of a dozen artists from across the globe on their Verde bottle. The brand began showcasing works by various artists in 2016.

In May, Agua Mágica launched an ensamble as its first mezcal. Founded by an all-Mexican team, Agua Mágica embraces Oaxaca’s rich, artisanal history while aiming to recontextualize mezcal consumption occasions and empower the mezcaleros and community behind the agave elixir.

Earlier that month, we caught up with Tanya Clarke, Chief Executive Officer of The Lost Explorer Mezcal, to discuss her brand’s ascendency to the top of the mezcal world. The brand has picked up a slew of awards since launching in late 2020.