Patron Launches Toast Your Real Ones Campaign

Patron Toast Your Real Ones Campaign

Patron Tequila has announced the launch of its Toast Your Real Ones campaign. The new advertisement from the iconic premium Tequila brand features real people and their real loved ones, giving a look into how they’re celebrating the holidays 2020-style.

At the heart of the campaign, is a video that spotlights three groups of friends—the real friends of three filmmakers, Luka Wilson, Julia Pitch, and Katharina Raven—in cities across the country, from New York to Atlanta to Los Angeles, and the unique ways they are celebrating the holidays this year: virtually, socially distanced, or living together. The one constant? They all choose Patron Tequila to celebrate together. This campaign celebrates transparency because Patron doesn’t use additives in its Tequila.

What’s even more real about the Patron Toast Your Real Ones campaign is how it was produced. To capture the Patron brand’s commitment to transparency and being completely free of additives, and keep the video as natural as possible, three groups of friends were filmed simultaneously in real-time. What is on-screen is what was really happening in three cities, at the same time, on a single night. Luka, Julia, and Katharina attended each of the gatherings, simply to capture each celebration. The action, the wardrobe, and the interaction among friends were all unscripted and unrehearsed. Even the music of Atlantan Troop was captured live and serves as a bed under the video.

“2020 has been the year of the reset, a year that has made us reassess who and what we want in our lives,” says Adrian Parker, Global Vice President, Marketing for Patron Tequila at Bacardi Global Brands Limited.  “It has been a year of great resilience that has enabled us to realize what really matters and recognize the people that have stood by our side. With the Toast Your Real Ones campaign, we are honoring the real ones in our lives—those who have supported us and celebrated us through the ups and downs of this year. Because you can trust real ones to never sugarcoat it, just like Patrón. We only use 100 percent real ingredients and no artificial additives to alter the smell, taste or color of our tequila. We are proud to not only be honest and real with our community about our production process but we are extremely proud to be one of the few brands that still makes tequila the hard way– by hand, not cutting corners with fake or artificial ingredients.”