Patrón Celebrates Streetwear And Street Art Via Collaboration with John Geiger and Senkoe

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Patrón Tequila is collaborating with designer John Geiger to unveil a limited-edition streetwear collection launching on July 24 in celebration of National Tequila Day. The Patrón x John Geiger streetwear collection draws inspiration from the design of the limited-edition 2021 PATRÓN Mexican Heritage Tin developed by celebrated Mexican street artist, Senkoe. The collaboration tells the story of the intersection between streetwear and street art while highlighting the meticulous passion and mastery that goes into creating a piece of art, a fashion collection, and a handcrafted tequila.

“For the past five years, Patrón has released a limited-edition Mexican Heritage Tin that visually shares the history, traditions and culture of Mexico through spirited designs created by local Mexican artists. With this year’s theme highlighting Mexican street art, we collaborated with fashion designer, John Geiger, to showcase the parallels between Senkoe’s street art and streetwear,” said Chloe Lloyd-Jones, Vice President of Patrón Tequila in North America. “We are one of the few brands that still makes tequila the hard way – by hand with meticulous precision and care. We are extremely proud to be made in Mexico at Hacienda Patrón in Atotonilco el Alto. The Mexican Heritage Tin allows us to pay homage to our home and our Mexican roots while celebrating the craft and attention to detail it takes to develop our tequilas – we’re thrilled to be collaborating with two extremely talented creators that share the same level of commitment and passion for their craft.”

The Patrón x John Geiger streetwear collection celebrates the rich history of Mexican culture with John Geiger pulling influence from Senkoe’s street art-inspired design on the PATRÓN Mexican Heritage Tin. For the collection, John Geiger captures the essence and tradition of tequila production in a long sleeve shirt featuring an image of a jimador farmer harvesting the Blue Weber agave that tequila is made from and collectible socks, all incorporating John’s signature bright-colored accents.

“In designing the Patrón x John Geiger streetwear collection, I was inspired by the colorful and rich history of Mexican street art in Senkoe’s design for the Mexican Heritage Tin and handcrafted legacy of Patrón. Over the years I have admired Senkoe’s work and how passionate he is about where he is from, using his murals to reclaim and beautify public spaces,” said John Geiger. “I wanted this collection to represent the dedication that goes into craft – whether that be a bottle of Patrón tequila or a one-of-a-kind mural. There is so much dedication and character behind Mexican culture, and as a local artist, it is inspiring to see Senkoe convey it all through his work. With streetwear, it is important to bring together all aspects of cultural influences and the Patrón x John Geiger collection reflects that by paying homage to the hardworking people that create Patrón tequila from start to finish.”

The limited-edition Patrón Mexican Heritage Tin, which includes a 750mL bottle of Patrón Silver, features a design created by Senkoe that tells a story of fundamental Mexican culture. The tin depicts the tree of life intertwined with imagery of the creation of the universe. The tree’s trunk doubles as the magüey’s flower with a totem near the top formed of the bee and hummingbirds, essential creatures in magüey fertilization. Magüey, a local Mexican flower, is a member of the agave family and is a cousin to the Blue Weber agave, from which tequila is derived. The flowers on each side of the tree of life reference indigenous craft, the true artisans of Mexico and the keepers of ancient tradition.

The tin art embodies important elements of Mexican culture and distinctive Patrón iconography (bees, pina, agave), amplifying the richness of its Mexican heritage and keeping Mexican tradition alive. With this tin, Patrón aims to celebrate Mexico with two simply perfect pieces of artwork – handcrafted Patrón tequila and the intricate design by Senkoe.

“I’m truly inspired by Patrón tequila – you have an iconic brand that is so full of passion and proud of its Mexican roots – to this day Patrón tequila is still handcrafted in Mexico and stays true to tradition using its time-honored, handcrafted production method from day one,” said Senkoe. “For the design of the tin, I wanted to reflect the beautiful and vibrant history of Mexican street art, while showcasing the commitment Patrón has to keeping traditions of tequila production alive. So much passion and creativity went into the making of the Mexican Heritage Tin design and streetwear collection, and now we’re excited for people to enjoy what we have created together.”

The Patrón x John Geiger streetwear collection will be available for purchase starting July 24, National Tequila Day at Available in limited quantities, the socks retail at $30 and the long sleeve shirts at $85.

The limited-edition Patrón Mexican Heritage Tin is available at local retailers nationwide in the US as well as select international markets for an SRP of $65 while supplies last. Additionally, the tin can be purchased online at ReserveBar.

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