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Two Marseille-Based Chefs Are Taking Over Oranj In Shoreditch This August


Oranj, Shoreditch has announced chef Felix Reade and sommelier Nominoe Guillebot from Marseille will be taking the reins as a duo at 14 Bacon Street from 2-12 August.  The natural wine bar, restaurant and digital bottle shop will be welcoming the pair before taking a Summer break in preparation for some exciting Autumn programming. 

Felix having graced the kitchen of St John and Nominoe having poured wines at Septime Paris and Table Bruno Verjus, the pair have a unique culinary relationship that goes back years, beginning during their time working together at Oranj’s neighbor, Lyle’s. However, it was their mutual passion for Southern French cuisine that separately led them to the renowned La Mercerie in Marseille, where they further refined their respective crafts.

Working collaboratively, Felix and Nominoe’s menu and accompanying wine list will work hand in hand, bringing a taste of Marseille to E1. Felix’s menu incorporates produce loved by himself and Nominie such as tomatoes, apricots, anchovy and harissa – an homage to the simplicity of meals the pair enjoyed during their summers in Marseille and by folks across the Mediterranean.

On the food front, small plates will include:

  • Tomato, with peach, basil, brousse de vache ice cream, fermented tomato water
  • Carpaccio of yellowtail,  raspberry, harissa
  • Fried panisse, dried tomato, harissa, marinated sardine, herbs 
  • Smoked aubergine, anchovy, burnt apricot, sheeps yoghurt, mint, puffed riz de camargue
  • Fig leaf parfait in a half orange, orange blossom granite
  • Sheep’s yoghurt ice cream, orange blossom syrup

For the wine list, Nominoe has focused on wines from the Southern France region, particularly those by female winemakers. There is an emphasis on aromatic white wines and orange wines, and some lighter reds, that particularly complement the fresh produce. 

On the wine list, Nominoe said, ‘Until recently, it [South of France] wasn’t my favorite region for wines. Too heavy, too aromatic, too rich. But recently I’ve discovered a different approach to winemaking. Since living in Marseille, I’ve met a bunch of women producers that really impressed me. These women are strong, proud of their terroir, they are hard workers, they are perfectionists

‘Imagine waking up super early in the morning to work under the hard sun during the summer to take care of your grapes, then going back in the afternoon to your wine cellar to bottle some wine from the previous vintage, then leaving to go back home to take care of your children. This is strength to me’ 

She will also be including bottles from the late Julie Balagny of Beaujolais, a winemaker she greatly admired.

For more information or to make a reservation, head over to the Oranj official website.