Old Forester Debuts 117 Series, Release High Angels’ Share Whiskey

Old Forester 117 Series High Angels’ Share Whiskey

Old Forester has launched The 117 Series, along with its first release the High Angels’ Share. The new whiskey range from the Brown-Forman-owned brand will be focused on “experimentation and innovation” and will be managed by Old Forester Master Taster Jackie Zykan.

The first release from the new Old Forester 117 Series is the High Angels’ Share. It “showcases a selection of barrels which lost exceptional volume to evaporation in the aging process, resulting in a bourbon that is rich and multidimensional, layered with dark flavor notes, dried fruits, and unexpected herbaceous qualities,” says the brand. “Given the dense concentration of flavors in the liquid, air, water or ice cube allow this whisky to open and unveil unorthodox character.

“This release examines the unfettered qualities presented in low-yield barrels, showing Old Forester consumers an unencumbered look at this specific facet of the aging process. This singular release is presented at 110 proof.”

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The bottle labels bear Zykan’s name, “making this the first bottle in the brand’s more than 150 year history to feature a woman’s signature.”

The name of the range pays homage to the location of Old Forester’s homeplace along the famed Whiskey Row on Main Street in Louisville. Old Forester also called the location home from 1882 – 1919, returning in 2018 with a fully-functioning distillery and tour experience. Future releases from the 117 Series could explore everything from specific warehouses to barrel manipulations, deconstructed blends, and more.

“Creating The 117 Series has been a labor of love and seeing my signature on the label is one of the highlights of my career. My mind is exploding with the endless possibilities of this smaller scale of experimentation and innovation,” said Zykan in a prepared statement. “This series presents an opportunity to pull the curtain back and share the isolates of the blending process to help deepen the understanding of how variants in maturation affect flavor profile.

“We’re playing in uncharted territory here and those who love Old Forester like we do will have the chance to explore with us.”

Old Forester High Angel’s Share is currently available at the Louisville distillery location and at select Kentucky retailers. Bottled at 55% ABV, the whiskey is priced at around $50 per 750 ml bottle.

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