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Mount Gay’s Latest Limited-Edition Rum Was Aged In Madeira Casks For Six Years

Mount Gay Madeira Cask Rum

Mount Gay has unveiled the fifth rum in its famed, limited-edition Master Blender Collection, The Madeira Cask Expression. The rare bottling celebrates the brand’s hertitage and is released annually to showcase its passion for innovation.

Mount Gay Madeira Cask Rum

The Master Blender Collection debuted in 2018 with the release of XO: The Peat Smoke Expression, created by former Master Blender Allen Smith. Since 2019, when Trudiann Branker took over as Master Blender, and has since added Pot Still Rum, The Port Cask Expression, and The Andean Oak Cask Expression to the series.  

For this year’s release, Branker looked to Madeira, the beautiful Portuguese island off the coast of Morocco, that has made an iconic fortified wine for more than 300 years. Using only column distilled rums, she placed the liquid in seasoned Madeira wine casks six years ago, carefully observing how the rum aged over time.   

Working closely alongside her R&D team, Trudiann revisited the Madeira wine casks that had been filled in 2015. She found that the ageing column distilled liquid had an incredible flavour profile, and immediately knew it was destined to be the next iteration of the Master Blender Collection. A step away from Mount Gay’s traditional blend of column and pot still rums, the liquid presented a beautifully complex profile not often found in column distilled rums. She and her team observed the liquid’s aroma and flavour profile, waiting for the ideal moment to remove it from the barrels and bottle it.   

At first sight, the liquid has deep golden hues. The nose showcases pear, oak, grapefruit, vanilla, and butterscotch. On the palate, the bold column distilled rum is married with the subtlety of Madeira wine notes from the barrel, including honey, grapes, pear, citrus rind, and dried fruit. This rum evolves over time, revealing layers of flavour thorugh the tasting journey.  

“I was inspired by Madeira’s rich history and expertise of ageing wine,” noted Master Blender Trudiann Branker. “When we placed the column distilled rum in these beautiful barrels six years ago, I had a patient curiosity knowing that one day, the liquid from these barrels would bring an entirely new flavor profile to our distinct rum. What developed truly pushed my palate beyond what I thought Mount Gay rum do, and I’m proud to release Madeira Cask as this

 year’s Master Blender Collection.”  

The Madeira Cask Expression should be enjoyed neat.

Bottled at 55% ABV, the Mount Gay Master Blender Collection: The Madeira Cask Expression will be available at select premium retailers in 700ml sizes for $220 starting in October. The expression will also be available on ReserveBar in the coming weeks.

For more information, head over to Mount Gay’s official website.