Moët Hennessy Joins Agro-ecological Transition Movement

Moet Hennessy

Moët Hennessy has announced it is joining the Pour une Agriculture du Vivant (PADV) movement. The new partnership was born from a “shared vision and desire to promote and develop sustainable agricultural and winemaking practices to protect soils and biodiversity,” said a press release.

As part of the partnership, Moët Hennessy’s teams will be trained on regenerative viticulture, technical advice will be provided on winemaking practices, particularly regarding plant covers, and a measurement tool, the regeneration index, will be tested and adapted to the wine industry.

With its many iconic Houses in various regions, Moët Hennessy recognizes its responsibility to focus on sustainability and nature. Soils and their complex ecosystems are one of the most valuable natural resources for sustaining the excellence of its products. Committing to soil regeneration is one of the pillars of the Living Soils, Living Together program that was established in 2020 to set ambitious new sustainability goals.

“Protecting ecosystems is a priority for Moët Hennessy, and we know that our winemaking and agricultural practices can make a difference. For many years, our teams have been implementing sustainable grape-growing practices in line with the most stringent environmental certifications for our various regions throughout the world. Promoting biodiversity and regenerating the soil of our vineyards are some of our key actions and we are going to amplify them. Our partnership with PADV will enable us to better measure our initiatives and go further,” Sandrine Sommer, Chief Sustainability Officer, Moët Hennessy.

The Pour une Agriculture du Vivant movement was founded in 2018 is a French collective of stakeholders from the agricultural and agri-food sectors who want to accelerate the transition to regenerative agriculture, in an effort to protect ecosystem biodiversity. With a view to stimulating a strong, long-term approach, the organization is developing an open-source tool to assess this transition – this regeneration index will measure and support soil regeneration and biodiversity.

“With the Living Soils, Living Together program, Moët Hennessy is focusing on the regeneration of living soils and ecosystems, and we are proud to be their preferred partner in deploying this approach in the field with all of our technical partners. In turn, Moët Hennessy’s involvement in the Pour une Agriculture du Vivant collective will be instrumental in accelerating the agricultural transition through the training, exemplary nature and leadership capacity of its houses in the heart of wine regions,” says Anne Trombini, PADV Director.

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