Millésimes launches ‘Alsace DigiTasting’ Virtual Trade Show

Alsace wines DigiTasting victor-bouton-7F3lbdrOQN0-unsplash

Featuring 100 producers with on-demand sampling kits, Vins Alsace Wines of Alsace has launched Millesimes Alsace DigiTasting – the first regional virtual trade show.

The biannual trade show organized by Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins d’Alsace/Wines of Alsace Board, (CIVA)  was cancelled in 2020 due to Covid lockdowns. However, the event  has been reinvented as a virtual meetup, with on-demand kits being offered to present an extensive tasting element. 

Conceived and created entirely by the CIVA, the Millésimes Alsace DigiTasting offers wine professionals from around the world an opportunity to explore the full range of Alsace wines from their homes or offices.

Meeting colleagues, sharing ideas, and actually tasting wines, these priceless experiences will be recreated in this new virtual trade show format. 

Free Alsace wine samples will be offered to qualified wine professionals, who will have the opportunity to register and order, enabling them to participate and taste along with Alsace producers during this virtual trade show. 

In keeping with the specifications of AOC/PDO wines and Alsace’s rigorous quality standards, wine samples are bottled in Alsace, their region of origin, and distributed in small recyclable glass containers shaped in the distinctive and traditional Rhine flute bottle. 

A meticulous technological process guarantees the wines’ integrity so that they retain their most subtle qualities and aromas, respecting the very essence of Alsace wines.

If you’d like to participate in the Alsace DigiTasting Trade Show, here’s how – 

Starting on March 22, wine professionals can register via the Millésimes Alsace homepage where they can also find information about each participating winery. Visitors can search and select wines to taste from among the 100 wineries and 400 wines using filters including wine name, sweetness level, vintage, grape variety, appellation, color, as well as distribution, importer, or environmental practices. 

Visitors will also be able to chat virtually with any producer, even if they did not order a tasting kit.

Tasting Kits: 400 Wines

Orders can be placed from March 29 to May 2, 2021. Each tasting kit will contain four still wines from the same producer in 3cl mini bottles, allowing the taster insights into the winery’s expertise and personality. Participants will also receive a ‘discovery’ sample kit added to their wine order by Millésimes Alsace DigiTasting – capturing the experience of any trade show; the discovery of unexpected treasures.

Each registrant can choose between two options, totally free of charge and shipped to the address of their choice: 

  • 5 kits = 4 selected kits + 1 ‘discovery’ kit (5 wineries, 20 wines)
  • 10 kits = 8 selected kits + 2 ‘discovery’ kit (10 wineries, 40 wines)

Webinar & Panel Program

Millésimes Alsace DigiTasting will also feature seminars and workshops about wine, terroir, the business of wine, and consumer trends. Visitors will be able to share their experiences thanks to integrated networking features on the platform and via social media (program to be announced soon).

100% “Made in Alsace” Event

Everything, from the show’s creative and digital design processes to layout, kit design, shipment, printing, assembly, bottling is carried out by local craftsmen and service providers within a 45-mile radius.

Speaking on the event, Didier Pettermann, CIVA President,, “Alsace is undergoing a major shift in all activity sectors, this innovative DigiTasting initiative is just an example. We may be a small vineyard on the global scale, but we are ambitious and determined to achieve our goals. Alsace has a strong history and is resolutely turned towards the future!”