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Dallas’ Midnight Rambler Takes Patrons Drinking Through Texas With New Cocktail Menu

Midnight Rambler Drinking Through Texas Cocktail Menu

The Joule hotel’s underground cocktail bar, Midnight Rambler, as unveiled a new drinks menu featuring flavors from across the Lone Star State

The Joule’s subterranean cocktail bar Midnight Rambler just unveiled its latest cocktail menu, Drinking Through Texas. The Dallas bar’s new drinks list celebrates the flavors and history of the Lone Star State.

Head Bartender Haley Merritt and Cocktail Expert Gabe Sanchez led the creation of the Drinking Through Texas menu, but it was informed by the experiences and expertise of the entire staff. The drinks list draws inspiration from from regions across the state and incorporates ingredients found throughout Texas including BBQ brisket, pecans, Yaupon tea, kolaches, cactus, and more. 

Highlights from the Midnight Rambler Drinking Through Texas Cocktail Menu

  • Západ – inspired by the kolaches from the Czech Stop and the large Czech population found in West Texas, this cocktail is a take on a gin berry punch infused with croissants and topped with pastry cream. The name of the cocktail is the Polish word for “West.”
  • Low-Hanging Fruit – a cobbler style cocktail that celebrates Texas produce with a roasted veggie cordial, which will change based on what’s in season, as well as Yaupon tea, the only caffeinated plant native to North America, which can also be found in Texas.
  • El Nopal – made with an ice clarifying technique the team learned from one of the noma chefs, the cocktail features house made prickly pear coriander liqueur, nopales cilantro water, and shochu. Haley wanted to celebrate the various parts of the cactus and cilantro, two plants native to her hometown of El Paso.
  • Roadside BBQ Manhattan – Texas is known for BBQ brisket as well as having some of the largest cattle ranches in the US, so the team wanted to create a cocktail inspired by it. It features sweet vermouth infused with mesquite smoked brisket, which tastes like biting into a tender piece of meat, paired with Angel’s Envy, Roulette Rye, and a citrus “oil slick.”
  • Midnight Raider – Midnight Rambler’s Shady style take on a Chilton, the signature drink of Lubbock, TX, features vodka, saline, Martin House Salty Lady Gose, and sunshine citrus syrup, a house-made syrup created with the trimmings and peels that would be discarded when making garnishes. It’s slightly salty, bright, and a great way to cool down during a Texas summer.

For a deeper dive into the bar, to make reservations, or to learn more about Midnight Rambler, check out our interview with the team. For more information, head over to the bar’s official website.