Midnight Rambler

Midnight Rambler Dallas Texas bar

If you’re in Downtown Dallas searching for a cocktail, there’s nowhere better than the subterranean Midnight Rambler, which always offers creative drinks within an atmosphere to match.

Situated in the basement of The Joule hotel in Downtown Dallas, Midnight Rambler may be Dallas’ finest cocktail bar. The decor is inspired by the bar of The Shining and David Lynch’s Paris nightculb. Vintage exposed lightbulbs brighten the space from above, but there remains a dark and mysterious feeling about the space. The drinks menu rotates, but is always creative, as is the always evolving food menu. Both the cocktails and dishes were created to play off of one another, but you can always count on their Lays potato chips and caviar being available.

The staff tells us…

Please describe Midnight Rambler as if you’re explaining the experience of walking through the doors and ordering your first drink.

You’ll find the entrance to Midnight Rambler inside the artfully curated lobby of the Joule Hotel. As you descend the steps the lively chatter and music heard coming from below, draws you in. The eclectic decor and moody lighting create an intimate and stylish atmosphere.

How would you describe Midnight Rambler in a three-word text to a friend that you’re trying to convince to join you?

Sexy cocktail den

Other than Midnight Rambler, what else is happening in the neighborhood that you’re in?

Walking around Downtown Dallas, you can admire the mix of old and new architecture, with some of Dallas’ oldest buildings. Enjoy art galleries such as VSF, the Giant Eyeball sculpture, or a short walk over to the museum district to see the DMA and Nasher Sculpture center, while stopping to bask in the colorful stained glass of Thanksgiving Tower. Indulge in luxury shopping at Forty-five ten or score some streetwear at Human Dior on Ervay st. Dine at local bars and restaurants such as Fond, a new favorite of the neighborhood, or swing by The Mitchell for a happy hour.

Aside from Happy Hour, when is the best time to get to the bar?

I like settling in before the DJ gets started for the last part of service. 9/9:30 after dinner is my sweet spot. We have great regulars from the neighborhood that frequently stay past happy hour and hang out for longer than they may have intended. The room is buzzing a little as the late night crowd starts to trickle in.

Describe the average drinkers that you serve?

We serve an eclectic mix of folks. Some that are looking for a beer & shot, others that are adventurous and are interested in trying a new cocktail or spirit they’ve never experienced.

Please tell us more about your drinks menu.

Currently our menu focuses on ‘Artists in Residence’ by featuring 8 local artists and making cocktails inspired by their work. We have a mix of approachable cocktails that are light and refreshing and others that are spirit forward and consist of bold flavor combinations.

What’s your signature drink–or your favorite drink currently on the menu–and why should I order it?

My favorite drink on the menu is “The Funk” by Jennava Walker. It’s beautifully balanced, spirit forward, and unexpectedly refreshing. The dill-fennel syrup is delicate, buttery and pairs beautifully with the base of Uruapan Charanda. The Skinos mastiha and clarified celery & lemon juice add brightness and a touch of acidity.

How much do drinks cost?

Our average drink cost is $18 for cocktails. Beer & wine have a range of $4 to $24.

Is there anything to eat?  If so – what’s your favorite dish on the menu?

Our featured food menu with shareable bites changes with our cocktail menu, but we always have classic lays potato chips and caviar. Light…but delicious.

What are the distinguishing features of Midnight Rambler?

The decor in Rambler was inspired by the bar of The Shining, and David Lynch’s Parisian lounge. The long brass bar reflects the light from vintage exposed lightbulbs above and the inviting backlit bar. It’s still dark and mysterious, but as you explore the space you’ll notice the inviting couches to cozy up on.

What’s that music we hear playing on the Midnight Rambler stereo?

Old school hip hop, Funk, Jazz, Japanese City pop


Tuesday & Wednesday: 5PM – 12AM
Thursday – Saturday: 5PM – 2AM


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1530 Main St, Dallas, TX 75201