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Method And Madness Garryana Oak Irish Whiskey Is An Ode To The Pacific Northwest

Method And Madness Garryana Oak

Boundary-breaking Irish Whiskey maker Method and Madness has unveiled Garryana Oak, a limited-edition homage to the Pacific Northwest.

Irish Distillers–the ones behind Jameson and Powers as well as Redbreast and Midleton Very Rare–have unveiled the U.S. exclusive debut of Method and Madness Garryana Oak Irish Whiskey of the U.S. Pacific Northwest. This limited-edition Irish whiskey is a traditional single pot still whiskey that has been finished in Garryana Oak casks.

Distilled and matured at the Mirco Distillery in Midleton, County Cork, Method and Madness Garryana Oak is a triple distilled Irish Whiskey with a melodic mix of earthy tones, bringing richness, complexity, and spiciness to the whiskey. The Garryana Oak is considered to have an elevated melodic aroma profile and high tannins, which contributes to a distinctive array of flavors. This exquisite expression offers aromas of smoked applewood, treacle, and golden raisins, with notes of black pepper, coffee cake, clove spice and malted barley.

On the nose, it offers aromas of smoked applewood, treacle, and golden raisins. The palate delivers crushed black pepper, coffee cake, and toasted wood. The palate features clove spice, malted barley, and coffee grounds.

“This limited-edition expression opens up new horizons in the world of Irish Whiskey creating a unique essence through the U.S. Pacific Northwest,” says Barrett Stapleton, Method and Madness Micro Distiller. “This experimentation continues to show how Method and Madness is dedicated to producing exceptional whiskeys and progressing its innovative spirit.”

Method and Madness began six years ago when the Micro Distillery opened its doors with a mission to further support the resurgence of Irish whiskey, drawing on research into wood influences and cereal mixes, historic mash bills from the Irish Distillers Archive and the restless curiosity of its craftspeople.

Bottled at a cask strength of 46% ABV, Method and Madness Garryana Oak has an SRP of $80 per 700ml bottle with only 4,500 bottles available in the U.S. for purchase on ReserveBar. For more information, head over to the brand’s official website.

Last year, Method and Madness launched Oats and Malt, made, not surprisingly, using Irish oats and malt.