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Malfy Gin Rosa

Malfy Gin Rosa

The grapefruit Gin in Malfy’s portfolio, Malfy Gin Rosa is a bright, delicious drink that bursts with the spirit of Sicily. It also may make the most refreshing Gin & Tonic we’ve ever had, seriously. Their sun-ripened Sicilian Pink Grapefruits are grown in citrus groves on the Mediterranean coast, where the mountains greet the sea. The result is one of the most electric and uplifting Gins to come across our palates.

The Gin is made with the peel of those pink grapefruits. The peels are infused with juniper in an Italian grain spirit for 36 hours. Five other botanicals (lemon peel, grapefruit peel, angelica root, orris root, and coriander) are used in its production. A rhubarb distillate is added post distillation giving the gin its pale pink color. 

Distilled by the Vergnano Family in Moncalieri, just outside the city of Torino, Italy, the Torino Distillati was established back in 1906. The area is known for its production of fine wines and spirits, and Carlo Vergnano, his wife Piera and their children Rita and Valter, run production along with Master Distillers Beppe Ronco and Denis Muni. 

Malfy’s goal is to capture the perfect Gin moment: “sitting on a sunny terrace, enjoying the view, “Dolce far niente”, the sweet art of doing nothing.” It’s a message we can certainly get behind and one that is expressed beautifully in their Malfy Gin Rosa.

Obviously, Malfy Gin Rosa falls in the flavored category. The nose bursts with big, bold grapefruit aromas and notes of lemon peel, white flowers and the slightest touch of juniper. On the palate, grapefruit once again storms through, followed by herbal notes. There is a touch of sweetness that quickly fades. The finish is light and slightly bitter.

Malfy also makes three other Gins: Orignale, Con Limone, and Con Arancia (Sicilian Blood Orange).