Luxardo Launches Canned Cocktail Line

Luxardo Canned Cocktail line

Luxardo has launched its first-ever canned cocktail line to the U.S. In 2021, Luxardo celebrates its 200th anniversary and is doing so with the expansion of its product offering to Luxardo canned cocktails, which offer the same timeless quality and artisanal spirit expected from the company.

“Hotaling & Co. values the artisanal nature and likeminded spirits behind Luxardo and we are pleased to launch Luxardo canned cocktails as the first-ever ready-to-drink (RTD) line within our portfolio,” says Hotaling & Co. CEO and president Dan Leese. “As our consumers prepare for summer, they want refreshing artisanal and premium options for on-the-go occasions that provide convenience and class. Now they can have a grab-and-go cocktail without sacrificing the quality and taste of their favorite drinks.”

The Luxardo canned cocktail line, produced by Hotaling & Co., are the most social and extroverted expressions of the Luxardo portfolio and bring intriguing, creative canned ‘Cocktails Italiano’ to curious cocktail explorers. An ode to the Italian Riviera, the innovative packaging designed by award-winning Rooster Factory, will stand out on the shelf or the floor, breaking through category clutter and providing a refreshing new option for consumers.

“For 200 years, Luxardo’s legacy has prioritized consumers. Our family recipe has been sipped by kings, sold on the Titanic and has created an elevated experience for cocktail lovers into the 21st century,” says Matteo Luxardo, Export Director for Luxardo. “The canned cocktail market has been rapidly growing in the last year and it only made sense for Luxardo to introduce its classic recipes in the format that supports the modern consumers’ needs for any on-the-go occasion.”

Luxardo’s line of canned cocktails come in three expressions: Aperitivo Spritz, Bianco Spritz, and Sour Cherry Gin & Tonic.

Luxardo canned cocktail line 2

Aperitivo Spritz 

(10% ABV; 250ml per can; $19.99 SRP per 4-pack)

Long before the orange drink took over Instagram — approximately 200 years before — Italians were enjoying Aperitivo hour with a timeless Spritz. Aperitivo Spritz’s refreshing botanical and citrus flavors make it the perfect companion for a sunny brunch spread. Luxardo’s canned Aperitivo Spritz contains Luxardo’s Aperitivo liqueur with sparkling water and natural flavors. Tasting notes: orange zest, refreshingly sweet.

Bianco Spritz

(10% ABV; 250ml per can; $19.99 SRP per 4-pack)

Drier, lighter, and more bitter, Luxardo Bianco Spritz creates a an innovative take on the classically Italian Spritz. The Bianco Spritz is a celebration of rediscovered classics. The canned Bianco Spritz contains Luxardo Bitters with sparkling water and natural flavors. Tasting notes: grapefruit zest, a touch of sweetness, bitter finish.

Sour Cherry Gin and Tonic

(10% ABV; 250ml per can; $19.99 SRP per 4-pack)

“For the connoisseur of classics, the sour, fruity aroma of marasca cherries mixed with notes of juniper adds a pleasantly sweet aftertaste to the standard Gin and Tonic,” says the brand. “The simplicity in ingredients lends itself to innovation, poolside or on the go— and this canned recipe of Luxardo Sour Cherry flavored Gin and sparkling water stands as proof, among thousands of others. Tasting notes: rich cherry, vibrant juniper, sweet finish.”

Luxardo canned cocktails will be available in 4-packs and can now be purchased exclusively at select Whole Foods and Total Wine locations within the U.S. in the following states: Calif., Texas, Ariz., Colo., Conn., Minn., Mo., Mass., Md., N.J., La., Nev., Wash., Ky., Mich., Ill., Ind.

For more information, head over to Hotaling & Co’s official website.

In March, Luxardo released Maraschino Perla Dry Bicentenary Reserve to celebrate its 200th anniversary. The Italian producer’s new, limited edition liqueur has a higher ABV than its usual Maraschino offering.