LOUIS XIII Cognac Introduces Time Collection II With Interactive Digital Technology In Its Cork Stopper

LOUIS XIII Time Collection II

LOUIS XIII Cognac has just taken sophisticated French Brandy to new technological heights with the release of Time Collection II. The decanters (and the golden liquid that fills them) will now play a part in connecting the Rémy Cointreau Group-owned brand directly with fans. Best of all, customers never have to leave their homes.

LOUIS XIII Time Collection II has Near-field Communication (NFC) technology in the cork stopper. That allows each decanter to connect customers to the LOUIS XIII Society – a private members club where members can enjoy exclusive content, unique experiences and personalised services through their smartphones.

For the past several years, NFC technology has been used in payment apps, but as the technology has advanced and consumer behaviour has changed LOUIS XIII are now able to utilize this technology to give customers the full brand experience direct from the Cognac bottle to their smartphone.

LOUIS XIII still produces their Cognac the same way as when it was first unveiled at the famous World Paris Fair in 1900. Using NFC technology, LOUIS XIII combines its tradition with 21st century technology to give its customers unique experiences. This use of NFC technology is the first in LOUIS XIII’s program of digital interactivity for 2020.

The coronavirus crisis has caused a dynamic shift within the luxury retail sector. In order to reach their fans and provide them with the best possible experience while the lockdown measures are still in place, LOUIS XIII has adapted too by embracing technology, to ensure that LOUIS XIII can be at the forefront of the premium spirits market.

Time Collection II allows the brand to bring the experience direct to the customer’s hand in their home thanks to the innovative technology. It’s a bright future ahead for one of the world’s most revered Cognac brands and with the addition of interactive technology, it seems like the sky is the limit.