LAX’s Swank Semi-Private Cocktail Lounge Will Escort You To Your Plane On The Runway

LAX - The Salon At PS

Back in 2017, Private Suite at LAX opened its luxury accommodations and exclusive amenities, which include a fully private TSA and customs checkpoint, to society’s most affluent. The conveniences came at the starting price of $3,250 per flight, making it basically untouchable to mere mortals. But now, Private Suite is making its opulent air travel experience accessible to more travelers, with The Salon at PS: a semi-private, adults-only lounge, full-service bar, and outdoor patio.

The Salon offers LAX travelers the opportunity to skip the airport congestion for the price of just $695. The one-way experience can be used either before or after your flight and allows those willing to pony up the extra dough. The new semi-private lounge “is great for the solo traveler, the business traveler, or anyone who prefers socializing over privacy,” according to Joshua Gausman, Co-CEO of Private Suite at LAX, which in 2020 was rebranded to simply PS.

LAX - The Salon At PS cocktail

While the $695 price tag is still a bit staggering, it’s over $2,5000 less than the initial cost, and comes with a slew of perks. There are showers, a checked baggage service, semi-private TSA and customs checkpoints, and a ride in a chauffeured white BMW or SUV to the plane on the runway. From there, a PS agent escorts you onto the plane with no waiting at the gate nor jet bridge. The expedited screening and shuttle service happens both to and from the aircraft.

The Salon sits in a revamped building across from the original suites and resembles a boutique hotel lobby decorated with curated artwork. It’s anchored by a long swanky bar serving cocktails and California cuisine from Los Angeles’  The h.wood Group (Delilah, Harriet’s, Shorebar, The Peppermint Club). There are plush armchairs, sofas, and a large outdoor terrace.

Interior designer Cliff Fong conceptualized the modern space to feel more like a Soho House. “The look and feel fuses our favorite elements of a social club with bespoke accents found in a glamorous residential living room,” says Fong. “Above all, we wanted people to forget they were at the airport so they could fully experience the ease and seamlessness of PS through the Salon’s ambiance.” 

PS and The Salon offer annual memberships, although members still need to pay for every time they use the services: Entry to the Salon is $695 per person per use, for members and non-members alike. Members, who pay $4,500 per year on top of the cost per use, get access to parking for two nights, complimentary vehicle detailing, and complimentary checked luggage every time they visit. 

PS is now looking to expand its private suites and semi-private Salon to other airports. Locations at Miami and New York’s JFK are already in the works, as well as potential other airports with high volumes of international traffic and passengers seeking expedited customs processing, says Gausman. Partnerships with airlines that don’t have lounges are also being explored.

For more information, head over to PS’ official website.

LAX - The Salon At PS lounge