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Lacuesta Reserva Rojo

Lacuesta Reserva Rojo

If you’re looking to take a step up in your Vermouth game, there are few better options than Lacuesta Reserva Rojo. Don’t get us wrong, we love to sip standard red Vermouths with olives and orange peel, but age that liquid beauty for a little bit and it becomes something truly unique. 

As a special complement to the traditional production method for their vermouth, Lacuesta Reserva Rojo is aged for a brief period in medium-toasted French oak barrels from Allier. Just like any good Spanish Vermouth it is ideally enjoyed as an aperitif, best served cold and accompanied by an orange peel and an olive. The oak touch just gives it a more Cognac like feel, making it a great after dinner sipper. To boot, it’s also great in cocktails.

The Lacuesta Reserva Rojo is mahogany in color and features pale amber reflections. The nose is aromatic with a mixture of caramel and dried orange peel up front that contains a slightly smoky element. The palate is balanced with lingering bitterness that invites another drink. Sweet at the entrance and at the end, there are highlights of caramel and an earthy touch.

Martínez Lacuesta produces vermouth in a homemade way. It is created with white wine, in which different aromatic plants and herbs are macerated until obtaining that characteristic flavor that makes it an ideal aperitif or main ingredient in cocktails. 

One of Lacuesta vermouths unique features is that it’s Conzia, which is an original formula that includes aromatic herbs and plants of very different origins. Another is the ageing process in French oak barrels.

Lacuesta has been making vermouth since 1895. Founded by Félix Martínez Lacuesta, the company’s roots are in Haro, located in Spain’s La Rioja region. Felix was a winemaker, a lawyer, a politician, and the first president of the National Association of Wine-growers and Wine-producers, as well as of the Rioja Wine Union.