Korpiklaani Vodka Is Set To Become The Finnish Folk Metal Band’s Newest Release

Korpiklaani Vodka

Finnish folk metal greats Korpiklaani have announced their own Vodka, Korpiklaani Vodka. The band’s new eponymous spirit celebrates their single “Vodka,” which has racked up over 100 million streams and views since its 2009 debut.

The band is collaborating with Finnish independent brewery/distillery Pyynikin, who also produced Korpiklaani’s lager. 

Korpiklaani Vodka is a premium grain-based Vodka produced in Finland. Distilled, handpicked spruce, together with some of the world’s purest water, form the spirit, which possesses a unique forest aroma.

According to the announcement, Pyynikin Distilling Company head distiller Samuli Peltonummi “is excited and proud of being able to distill Korpiklaani Vodka into an actual vodka. In his opinion, spruce gives a powerful and authentic Finnish flavor that fits well with Korpiklaani’s music and spirit.”

Korpiklaani have announced a livestream event set to take place from inside the Pyynikin brewery for Saturday, August 29th at 11 am Pacific Time. “Bringing along with them a full production, stage, lights, and LED screens all built in front of the Beer tanks, this will be the event of the year. The livestream will stay available on the website for an unlimited time, so you can even watch a year later,” notes the press release.

Those interested can order the vodka, buy tickets to the upcoming stream, and get more info via Korpiklaani ‘s official website.

Check out the video trailer for the livestream below.

In other Finnish spirits news, Helsinki-based low ABV spirits producer Kaska is expanding internationally and about half of its second release is heading to Hong Kong, where it’s already garnered considerable intrigue.

Founded by two Helsinki-based friends, Eetu Topo and Fred Karlsson, Kaska is a 15% ABV distilled spirit flavoured with spruce needles and lemon. “We received a bunch of queries and interest before officially launching the product for the first time,” says Topo. “That interest only intensified after our initial batch sold out so quickly, but we are trying to keep calm and focus on markets with the most potential at this stage. Hong Kong seems like a good option, partially because we are also planning to use 15% of our sales to fund human rights organizations in the area,” he continues.