Jason Momoa And His Mom Used To Have Guinness And Pizza Nights

Guinness x Jason Momoa and mom

Guinness Brand Director Joyce He tells us about Jason Momoa and his history with the beer that led to the actor writing, directing, and starring in his own “Lovely Day for a Guinness” commercial

Jason Momoa and Guinness have a long running history that scratches all the way back to the actor’s early twenties when he and his mom used to enjoy “cheap pizza and fancy beer” nights together, says Guinness Brand Director Joyce He. While for some, the Aquaman star’s “Lovely Day for a Guinness” advertisement might have seemed out of left field, the actor actually has a long running history with the beer that runs back to his youth in Iowa and Hawaii.

We chatted with Joyce He about Momoa’s history with Guinness, his role in the commercial, and how the actor’s own ancestry played a role in its creation… 

Jason Momoa, who is Polynesian of Hawaiian descent and has long advocated for the rights of the people of Island Nations, is at the center of this commercial–which centers around ancestry. What made you want to reach out to Jason?

Many might know this, but while our partnership with Jason is new in an official capacity, he’s been a friend of the Guinness brand for years, and we have long sought to work with each other. We have always deeply appreciated Jason’s authentic love for Guinness, and when he wrote this script and presented us with it, how could we say no? Jason brings vibrant energy and deep commitment to all his work, including passion around his heritage and roots. This partnership has been the perfect match, and we’re looking forward to continuing to show the world this summer and beyond that every day is a lovely day for a Guinness.

What makes Jason Momoa and Guinness good partners?

Jason Momoa has been a huge fan of ours and of course we’re huge fans of his. His first introduction to Guinness was from his mom: once he turned 21, they would have “cheap pizza and fancy beer” nights. And the rest is history. Since then he’s continued to stand out as one of our biggest admirers, so it was only natural that we team up. And the data shows it: our “Lovely Day” spot is one of the best performing Guinness ads of all time!

The commercial starts off in a Japanese bar in New Zealand. Why was it important for a Guinness commercial to bring together so many cultures?

Guinness is a great pairing with so many different cuisines, and it was important we show that! By featuring diverse cultures and locations we’re aiming to show that Guinness can be enjoyed by everyone everywhere. This inclusivity underscores our ambition to make every day a lovely one for a Guinness for everyone and celebrates the diverse cultures that love and support our iconic brand worldwide.

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At the end of the ad, we get this statement about Momoa being two percent Irish. What’s the meaning you wanted to leave viewers with?

What we were aiming to show with that is no matter who you are – whether you’re a little Irish, a lot Irish, or not Irish at all – it’s about the spirit of embracing the goodness and communication that the Guinness brand and Irish hospitality represents. 

Momoa brought you this idea. Can you tell us a bit about how he presented the idea to you and why you liked it?

It’s been a decade-long dream for Jason to create a Guinness campaign, but we wanted to make sure he brought something that truly represented his love for the brand and helped us ignite this love in more people. This commercial was a collaboration of creative minds, clearly a passion project for Momoa that resonated deeply with our team – all of us wanting the same thing: to share Guinness with more people!

Momoa directed this “Lovely Day for a Guinness” ad. What was it like bringing him to the other side of the camera?

It was really special getting to watch Momoa and his creative team breathe life into a project he has long envisioned, taking on roles both in front of and behind the camera. He really showed off all his talents in this content, making sure to blend his love for Guinness into every scene you see today. Seeing him seamlessly transition between both sides of the production, and witnessing his genuine excitement for the project, and in particular how he mentored the other talent on set was so inspiring to watch. 

How does Guinness bring people together?

One of our most iconic taglines emerged in 1954 when it was declared that “It’s A Lovely Day for A Guinness.” And in the years since, we’ve consistently proven this declaration to be true by providing friends, families and communities at the pub and beyond with opportunities to experience the Guinness magic firsthand. At the end of the day, our goal is to bring people together to celebrate any occasion (be it big or small) over a pint and with the ones they care for most. And in doing so, we’re showing that any day can be a lovely day for a Guinness, no matter how our fans choose to celebrate. 

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