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Jamie Foxx Talks BSB Whiskey

Jamie Foxx BSB Whiskey

Spirited sits down with actor, comedian, musician  Jamie Foxx who can now add Creative Director to his range of professions after transforming  Brown Sugar Bourbon into BSB Whiskey

Jamie Foxx appreciates whiskey, but he really enjoys “bringing people together,” the Oscar and Grammy winner tells Spirited editor Christopher Friedmann. That’s what “initially piqued my interest in the spirits business.” Foxx bought Brown Sugar Bourbon back in 2021, taking control of the whiskey maker, but it wasn’t till this month that he finally unveiled the new product, BSB Whiskey.

The new cinnamon and brown sugar-flavored whiskey finds the “Blame It” singer diving head first into a space that’s expected to take off–its CAGR is expected to grow from 2.2% to 7.3% over the next 10 years. To help with the launch, Foxx turned to WES Brands, who helped him “develop a new and improved 70 proof liquid.”

While crafting an improved, smooth liquid was at the center for Jamie Foxx, his real, hands-on, creative mindset can be best seen in the innovative packaging, which glows in the dark. “I play a pivotal role in shaping the new look & feel for the brand, from the brand social platforms to our merch – including a new brand campaign,” he says about his work as Creative Director.

We sat down with Jamie Foxx to learn more about his work with BSB Whiskey, how he leads the brand as Creative Director, and to learn about his appreciation for a good dram and cocktail… 

Spirited: You’re an avid whiskey drinker. What made you interested in Brown Sugar Bourbon (aka BSB) in the first place?

Jamie Foxx: I have always had an appreciation for whiskey but more than that, I enjoy bringing people together; and I think that is what initially piqued my interest in the spirits business. Whether sipping whiskey neat or mixed in a cocktail, it’s always served up best with good company and that’s what we tried to imitate with BSB from the start. Although Brown Sugar Bourbon has been discontinued, the mantra of living every moment and appreciating the people you’re with lives on with our latest iteration, BSB Whiskey – Brown Sugar Blend. 

SP: Why were you interested in owning a spirits brand? And why is flavored whiskey a space you’re interested in being in?

JF: Ever since I won the Grammy for “Blame It,” I’ve been looking for the right liquor brand to work with, and nothing has felt right up until now with BSB. We have seen a lot of growth within the flavored whiskey space and are really betting big on BSB Whiskey bringing something special to the category. Our new Brown Sugar Blend is only the beginning!

SP: You purchased BSB back in 2021, so what’s been going on over the last few years with the brand?

JF: Over the last two years, I’ve been working with WES Brands to develop a new and improved 70 proof liquid, which is blended and bottled in Columbia, Tennessee, and is ultra smooth with cinnamon and brown sugar notes. We’ve also been crafting new packaging that is innovative, and in my opinion, ahead of its time with the glow-in-the-dark BSB labels. I wanted the bottle to feel and represent me in the right way. 

SP: From what I understand, on top of owning BSB, you’re also the Creative Director. What does the process of being the CD of BSB involve?

JF: As the Creative Director of the brand, in addition to developing our packaging innovation, I play a pivotal role in shaping  the new look & feel for the brand, from the brand social platforms to our merch – including a new brand campaign. I can’t totally speak on that right now since it will be launching soon but, definitely be on the lookout early next month. 

SP: You worked with spirits incubator WES Brands. How did working with a spirits incubator help you put your own stamp on the brand and now roll it out?

JF: My experience working with WES Brands has been amazing. They really gave me a lot of creative freedom when it came to designing what I wanted the new BSB Whiskey packaging to look like and what I wanted the actual liquid inside the bottle to taste like. Excited to see what the future holds for the flavored whiskey category and where we’ll take our brand in the coming years.

Jamie Foxx BSB Whiskey

SP: BSB was previously made in the Pacific Northwest, but now it’s produced in Columbia, Tennessee, and obviously the bottle is different. How has the product changed since you took over?

JF: The liquid is now 70 proof, an ultra smooth blend of cinnamon & brown sugar that really stands out. 

SP: There used to be a BSB 103. Any plans on bringing that back?

JF: Not at this point in time, we do not have any plans on bringing back BSB 103. 

SP: What’s your favorite way to enjoy BSB?

JF: I appreciate my whiskey neat and in cocktails. At 70 proof, BSB Whiskey is ultra smooth, which makes the liquid so sippable. I especially love that it’s a flavored whiskey, blended with cinnamon and brown sugar notes, because it really makes it so mixable in drinks.

For more information on Jamie Foxx and BSB Whiskey, head over to the official website.