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House of Suntory Introduces 2024 Tsukuriwake Series

Suntory 2024 Tsukuriwake Series

The Suntory 2024 Tsukuriwake Series includes Yamazaki Golden Promise, Yamazaki Islay Peated Malt, Hakushu 18 Year Old Peated Malt, and Yamazaki 18 Year Old Mizunara

While earlier this month the conglomerate formerly known as Beam Suntory might have changed its name to Suntory Global Spirits, it’s not impacting their annual (or almost annual) releases, which is great news for Japanese whisky lovers as now they’ve rolled the House of Suntory 2024 Tsukuriwake Series, after taking last year off to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary. The collection showcases the diversity of Japanese whisky with this year’s edition, which includes Yamazaki Golden Promise, Yamazaki Islay Peated Malt, Hakushu 18 Year Old Peated Malt, and Yamazaki 18 Year Old Mizunara.

Tsukuriwake (pronounced soo-koo-ree-wah-keh) means ‘artisanship through a diversity of making,’ and the 2024 limited-edition Tsukuriwake Series focuses on pushing the boundaries and expanding the range using new processes and ingredients like wood.

“Our 2024 Tsukuriwake Series is Suntory’s boldest innovation yet, pushing the boundaries of what is possible while honoring the tradition and expertise we have called on to make these pioneering whiskies,” says Suntory’s Chief Blender Shinji Fukuyo. “We feel deeply honored to share the 2024 Tsukuriwake Series, reaffirming our commitment to excellence with each remarkable edition.”

In previous years, the Tsukuriwake Series mainly focused on the casks matured in the lands of Yamazaki and Hakushu. The 2024 collection, however, covers the end-to-end whisky-making process, including the water, environment, ingredients, peat, distillation, age, and cask, revealing that the Tsukuriwake approach goes beyond diversifying the whiskies in multiple casks to incorporate every element of the whisky-making process, including the selection of ingredients.

Yamazaki Golden Promise

Yamazaki Golden Promise is made from golden promise barley, a standout grain cultivated in Scotland in the 1960s. Distilled in Japan since 2009 and aged in American Oak casks, it delivers a maltier, richer Yamazaki profile. The whisky offers a rich and full palate featuring notes of orange marmalade, custard and a sweet, lasting finish.

Yamazaki Islay Peated Malt

Islay Peat is often recognized as a distinctive character amongst Scotch, with a softer and sweeter mouthfeel than Scotland’s mainland peat. The water and maturation process used to create Yamazaki Islay Peated Malt yields a balanced sweetness that complements the smoke, and adds complexity to the long enduring finish of Yamazaki. On the palate, it offers a smooth sweetness of brown sugar with hints of bitter orange citrus and a warm, smokey finish. 

Yamazaki 18 Year Old Mizunara (Tsukuriwake 2024 Edition)

Yamazaki 18 Year Old Mizunara (2024 Tsukuriwake Edition) introduces a limited-edition label for Suntory’s flagship Yamazaki 18 Year Old Mizunara, celebrating The House of Suntory’s legacy of mastering Mizunara oak. The complex, deep flavor of Mizunara gives depth to the whisky’s multi-layered profile. A long maturation period reveals its signature spiciness and incense-like sandalwood and aloe wood flavors. It offers subtly spiced orange notes and a long, lingering finish with hints of clove and dried coconut.

Hakushu 18 Year Old Peated Malt (2024 Tsukuriwake Edition)

Hakushu 18 Year Old Peated Malt (2024 Tsukuriwake Edition) introduces a limited-edition label for Suntory’s Hakushu 18 Year Old Peated Malt. To honor the art of diverse blending at the Hakushu distillery, it enables The House of Suntory to produce more than 100 different malt whiskies and constant refinement of the Japanese peated malt whisky. The refined and elegant smokiness of Hakushu 18 Year Old Peated Malt lends a refreshing quality to the liquid, evoking the essence of a serene forest. A lengthy maturation process in pristine and pure water reveals a distinct smokiness with spicy, peppery notes, deepening to unveil herbaceous minerals and ripe apple undertones.

The Yamazaki 18 Year Old Mizunara and Hakushu 18 Year Old Peated Malt, launched last year for the House of Suntory’s 100th anniversary and were continued due to their popularity among consumers. 

All four whiskies are available in select markets across the globe. For more information, head over to the brand’s official website.

Suntroy last released its Tsukuriwake series in 2022.