Heaven Hill Unveils 10-Year Sustainability Plan

Heaven Hill 10-Year Sustainability Plan joshua-michaels-05w9B9L-e70-unsplash

Heaven Hill has unveiled its first official environmental sustainability strategy that will guide the Kentucky-based distillery for the next 10 years. The plan focuses on crucial areas: water, emissions, waste, and conservation.

With the new plan, Heaven Hill aims to address pressing environmental challenges within the American whiskey industry and local communities, while also building further resilience into the 85-year-old business.

Over the next 10 years, Heaven Hill looks to create a more environmentally sustainable distillery by improving water efficiency by 15% and reducing carbon emissions from operations by 30%. The goal is to eventually reach zero carbon emissions. It also aims to eliminate 10% of waste generated by operations, reduce virgin plastic in bottles by 50%, and create zero-waste visitor experiences.

Furthermore, Heaven Hill will sponsor the plantain of 5,000 trees of “sunstantial size” in local communities, in order to support sustainable white oak supplies–which the brand uses to make barrels for its Bourbons–and sustainable agriculture.

“Heaven Hill has always strived to be a good partner in our communities and to be a good steward of the natural resources used to create our products,” said Rachel Nally, Heaven Hill Brands manager of environment and sustainability. “Cultivating sustainable and thriving communities is important for our employees, our partners, and our neighbours. We are passionate about this next era in our commitment to responsibly use natural resources, reduce energy use, safely dispose waste and conserve the ecosystems that support our business.”

Lastly, Heaven Hill announced “significant” investments in production, new technology, and training initiatives were under way.

It follows previous projects at Heaven Hill in the interests of sustainability and environmental responsibility, including fitting light fixtures with LED bulbs, tree planting around Bernheim Distillery, and the completion of multiple boiler efficiency programs.

In November, the Heaven Hill distillery celebrated its 85th anniversary with the release of a 13 Year Old Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The new, one-time-only offering joins the Kentucky company‘s collection of Whiskeys that includes some of America’s most iconic brands, including Elijah Craig and Evan Williams.