Gordon & Macphail Unveils Third 125th Anniversary Whisky, 1979 Mosstowie from Miltonduff Distillery

Gordon & MacPhail 1979 Mosstowie from Miltonduff Distillery 125th Anniversary Collection

Gordon & MacPhail has revealed the third commemorative Whisky in its 125th anniversary collection, a 1979 Mosstowie from Miltonduff Distillery. The new offering is the penultimate Scotch in the independent bottler’s celebratory series.

The incredibly rare Gordon & MacPhail 1979 Mosstowie from Miltonduff Distillery constitutes the independent bottler’s last remaining cask from the distillery, matured with spirit from the now-removed Lomond Stills. It was laid down in Gordon & MacPhail’s Elgin warehouse on Thursday, September 13, 1979 in cask number 20323, a refill Sherry Hogshead.

Located within Miltonduff Distillery in Morayshire, Mosstowie was founded in 1964 under the ownership of industry pioneer Hiram Walker – who championed the use of longer, more versatile Lomond Stills to give a variety of flavor profiles. The stills, which produced Mosstowie’s smoky, soft spirit, operated for just 17 years before being removed in 1981 due to the longer arms of the stills being notoriously difficult to clean.

Bottled at 49.8% ABV, the dark gold Whisky offers aromas of vanilla pod, butterscotch and stewed apples. On the palate, flavors of black pepper are complemented by spiced grapefruit, dark chocolate and raspberries, before giving way to a long and medium-bodied finish with hints of fresh mint leaves.

“Each of the extremely rare whiskies released to commemorate our 125th anniversary is truly unique as they are the last cask of that particular make we have maturing in our warehouse,” said Stephen Rankin, a fourth-generation member of Gordon & MacPhail’s owning family and the company’s Director of Prestige. “With no official bottling ever available of the elusive Mosstowie malt, we are particularly excited to bring this special whisky to the market.”

Only 164 bottles of the Gordon & MacPhail 1979 Mosstowie from Miltonduff Distillery 125th Anniversary Whisky will be made available worldwide and will be priced at £1,500 ($1,937 USD).

Last month, Gordon & MacPhail launched the 1984 single malt from Glenury Royal Distillery, the second of the four commemorative Whiskies. In September, the independent bottler release the first Scotch in its its 125th anniversary collection, a 1972 Scotch from Coleburn Distillery