Glenturret Unveils 2021 Single Malts, New Peat Smoked

Glenturret 2021

The Glenturret has unveiled its 2021 range of Scotch whiskies, including a new Peat Smoked expression. The launch of this year’s bottlings follows the release of the brand’s new core collection last year and a redesign.

The Glenturret 2021 range is made up of six new whiskies: Triple Wood (44% ABV), 10 Years Old Peat Smoked (50% ABV), 12 Years Old (46% ABV), 15 Years Old (53% ABV), 25 Years Old (44.3% ABV), and 30 Years Old (41.6% ABV).

“One of the most beautiful aspects of single malt Scotch is that every cask delivers unique nuances in whisky aroma, flavour and colour,” said John Laurie, managing director. “These differences can be driven from numerous sources: new make spirit character, cask – wood type, cask size, the spirit the cask has previously held; and the temperature, humidity and location of the warehouse in which the cask sits during maturation.”

“When looking forward as a brand, we felt we had two choices for the 2021 range: the first was to use the skills of our whisky maker to take these different casks and replicate the flavour profile from last year; the second was to celebrate the uniqueness of our casks, as well as the skills of our whisky maker and his team and set ourselves the challenge of creating a different range each year, featuring subtle variances for the whisky lover to explore.”

Laurie added: “We prefer to present our whiskies at their flavour optimum ABV rather than a pre-determined target. You will also note a colour difference in this year’s 15 Years Old, which is more ruby than last year’s release – I love the way the colour progresses through our 2021 range.”

Stocks of the newly released whiskies are limited, particularly the 25 Years Old (204 bottles)–which features a palate of cinnamon bun, sweet pastry and dark fruits–and the 30 Years Old (750 bottles)–which has a “citrus edge” with notes of oak, vanilla, wood spices, and toffee.

The Triple Wood, meanwhile, delivers notes of candied orange peel, sweet vanilla, and ginger cake. 10 Years Old Peat Smoked provides warm spices and citrus fruits, while 12 Years Old has hints of oaks, sultanas and cinnamon. The Glenturret 15 Years Old is described as having toffee apple and tropical fruit, as well as layers of coconut and vanilla sponge.

The whiskies can be purchased online via The Glenturret’s official website and priced between £47 and £1,700.

In March, Glenturret teamed up with Jaguar to release an E-Type whisky.