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El Born, Barcelona: 8 Best Bars in the Catalan Capital’s Most Festive Neighborhood

El Born, Barcelona- 8 Best Bars in the Catalan Capital’s Most Festive Neighborhood 2

Narrow medieval streets, strings of lights and drying clothes, packs of thirsty revellers, El Born is a festival. Come nightfall, this Barcelona neighborhood teems with locals and tourists out for a storied Barcelona night. Bars and eateries pack the labyrinth, but if you end up at the right place at the right time, there is no telling what you might find.

Whether in the shadow of the ornate stained glass of the Santa Maria del Mar Basilica or revelling at the concoctions at Paradiso, the neighborhood provides the type of magic every visitor to Barcelona is looking for. Energetic, unpredictable, and wild, El Born continues to be the festive center at the heart of Barcelona nightlife.

Below, we’ve provided you with a guide for you to drink your way through it. Without further ado, El Born, Barcelona: 8 Best Bars in the Catalonian Capital’s Most Festive Neighborhood.

Bar Sauvage

bar sauvage exterior

Good drinks and a party-forward vibe rarely go together. At this El Born bar, however, the infectious energy translates from the dancefloor to the drinks. Young, wild, and carefree, Bar Sauvage offers an energetic space and beautiful crowd alongside some of the neighborhoods finest cocktails.

Can Cisa / Bar Brutal

can cisa bar brutal

Can Cisa / Bar Brutal offers one of Barcelona’s finest drinking and eating experiences in a laid back setting. The food is creative and the wine thoughtfully selected. And despite its location on  the tourist-packed Carrer de la Princesa, it still manages to feel like an undiscovered gem only available in the labyrinth-like streets of El Born.


clubhaus barcelona show room

Clubhaus provides a wild, eclectic space for everything from coffee and co-working to eating, drinking, and general good time shenanigans. The crowd seems to change by the hour with early morning workers followed by greasy food hunting lunchers that become happy hour sippers and late night revellers after the sun goes down.

Collage Art & Cocktail Social Club

collage bar

Collage Art & Cocktail Social Club provides a welcome respite from the otherwise wild El Born. The space is elegant and quiet, making it perfect for couples or those looking for a break from the madness outside. The drinks are classics, which means you can actually find something you’re familiar with. It all goes to help create a warm and welcoming environment, which makes Collage an ideal space for a peaceful night filled with warm company and tasty beverages.

Creps Al Born

creps al born exterior sign

From open till close, Creps Al Born is a full out party. The place is seemingly always packed and the music is loud. The staff keeps the energy high with full-on Cocktail-style bar tricks, and the drinks are fruity and fun. If you’re looking for a blow out night in Barcelona, Creps Al Born should definitely be on your list.

Dr. Stravinsky

Dr. Stravinsky

Dr. Stravinsky has a reputation as one of the world’s finest cocktail bars for a reason. The bar is as interested in quality of product as it is spectacle of presentation, and they deliver drinks that are as intricate as they are delicious. Despite all of the thought and creativity that goes into each creation, Dr. Stravinsky manages to keep a laid back atmosphere that makes it as appealing for conversations on a Tuesday night as it is for showing off on a Saturday.


Farola Interior

Farola delivers quality ingredients and thoughtful combinations. More than anywhere else in El Born, the bar and eatery delivers an experience that embodies modern Barcelona. Spain and Mediterranean influences mix with live music to create a unique experience. Ruminative, creative, and poetic, Farola is a gem within the city’s impressive bar scene.


Paradiso interior

If you arrive at Paradiso after 10 p.m., you will find a line. This may seem odd to those just looking for a good cocktail… How good could a drink really be? But Paradiso is much more than your everyday cocktail bar. It is a show. It is spectacle. And night after night they deliver intrigue via concoctions that play with our expectations of what a beverage should be.