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Eden Mill Golf Gin

Eden Mill Golf Gin

Those looking for something a bit more botanical than your classic or London Dry style Gin, will be more than pleased to find Eden Mill Golf Gin. The distillery is already known for making a superb Original blend, along with a stellar Love (Pink) Gin, and their Golf expression goes to show that there is still room to grow for one of Scotland’s finest Gin distilleries.

Dressed in a green jacket reminiscent of the Masters Champions, inspired by Scottish Golf courses, and in homage to the spirit of golf in St. Andrews, Eden Mill Golf Gin was created in 2018 with golfers specifically in mind. The spirit incorporates botanicals from local grassland and coastal courses around Scotland, which gives the gin a unique juniper and floral flavour. They even went as far as to source botanicals from some of Scotland’s most famous golf courses, including seaweed from St. Andrews Links and gorse flower from Braids in Edinburgh. It’s pretty much the perfect partner for any 19th hole shenanigans.

On the nose, imbibers will find hints of juniper pine along with lush notes of lavender and spruce trees. There is a slight tang of the sea that underlies it. The palate is dominated by juniper, but there is a sweetness from the gorse so that it isn’t overpowering. The heather and lavender add a floral note while the spruce and coriander provide a distinct peppery finish.

As for drinking the stuff, the distillery recommends using it in a gin and tonic garnished with blackberry and mint. It’s also suitable for vegans to enjoy.


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Eden mill is best known for their variety of Gins, which include everything from the Original and Love (Pink) expressions to Oak and Hop as well as a number of limited edition offerings. They also produce a Single Malt Whisky and a number of numbered hip flasks. They also have Ready To Drink cocktails if that is more your drift.