Dom Pérignon Debuts 2012 Vintage Champagne

Dom Pérignon 2012

Dom Pérignon has unveiled its 2012 Vintage Champagne, which cellar master Vincent Chaperon called a “star vintage.” Chaperon called 2012 a “vintage where all the producers in Champagne have been able to get the best of their place thanks to the climate,” before comparing it to other great years in the region, like 1990 and 2008.

According to the cellar master, Dom Pérignon 2012 is avintage when both the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes picked by the producer had “a lot of maturity and concentration.” The result is a Champagne that’s “deep and rich and dense.” Chaperon summed up the 2012 offering with one word, “energy.”

The new vintage is “more concentrated and dense than 2008, which was more classic, elegant and ethereal.” It won’t, however, have the brioche and butter characteristics found in the 2002 release. “In 2002, we picked the Chardonnay a bit overripe, and perhaps we picked it a bit too late; we won’t have the butter and brioche in the 2012 in five to 10 year’s time, because we didn’t have that ripe expression of Chardonnay,” he said.

Speaking about the weather conditions, Chaperon said 2012 was a “year full of contrasts,” with an “aggressive” winter and spring with “hail, frost and disease”, while the second half of the year featured “conditions that were perfect” for grapes.

“Every grape variety and region and plot performed at their highest level, which gave us the maximum opportunity to work on our blend; it allowed us to play on contrast… to create harmony from tension,” explained Chaperon about the Dom Pérignon 2012 Vintage.

On the nose, the Champagne shows freshness and youth, with some tangy lemon zest, chalk and then ripe apple, along with a touch of creamy coffee. On the palate, it reveals more, with a clearly discernible breadth of flavors and a textural depth, suggesting the use of a diverse blend of first-rate wines, including fully ripe expressions. There’s juicy apple, even pineapple, and then a bit of gently bitter citrus peel and grapefruit pith, along with a touch of cappuccino, followed by a saltiness that extends the fresh finish in this pristine fizz. It is a Champagne that can evolve further, giving more nutty complexity and honeyed softness with further ageing off the lees.

Made from 51% Pinot Noir and 49% Chardonnay, the sparkling wine will be available in the UK beginning October 1. It will be priced at £152.

For more information, head over to the brand’s official website.

In March, Lady Gaga was announced as the new face of Dom Pérignon. The pop star and iconic Champagne house announced a new advertising campaign, limited edition bottles and a sculpture designed by Gaga herself.